Happy TDD!!!

Good Morning, and happy Trade Deadline Day, still a holiday at the Tapeleg house. I was excited enough to get up early and watch the action, including 5:30 AM. I didn’t even know they made a 5:30 AM. The internet at the hotel here is spotty, but holding up so far. Until then, I can sit and watch the action. So far, I’m not seriously excited about anything, seeing as how the big news for Avs fans happened yesterday, and there has been little happening in the Western conference. Unless the Brad Richards thing is going down. That could be interesting.

Here’s what I’m looking at all day:

Screenshot 05-3

A few sites on auto refresh, and I a little other work in the background. Yep, I’m in total junkie mode today.


  1. Where is the Foote update? :)

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