TDD: The Boys are Back in Town

And just like that, Adam Foote is back with the Avalanche. TSN is saying that the Avs got him for a first round pick, part of what is looking like a Blue Jackets fire sale (Fedorov to the Capitals).

To it’s looking like the old gang again. Now if only Rob Blake waives his no trade clause, we could have the trifecta of free agent defections back. Oh, what will Coach Q do with all these new guys? Hey, what’s Ozolinsh up to these days?

Greg from the Post Pessimist has a good point:

1996 was a great year, sure, but it may not be best to try and relive it.

I think he may have some stories to tell. Looks like things are shaping up for the Avs.


  1. It’s all conditional picks, according to the Avalanche web site. No idea what those conditions are. Reading around, it sounds like he’s been having a better year than I thought. I’m coming to terms with it, at least.

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