Avs vs Vancouver: Forsberg on Ice?

One of the great things about being home right now is the healthy string of home games for the Avalanche. Since it’s nothing but good times and vacation for me (in my gig, you come home for vacation), I get to go to tonight’s tilt between the Avs and the Canucks. I have actually never seen the Canucks live, but they all look alike with white jerseys from the upper decks. Stack on that the Sedin twins, and I can’t tell any of them apart. They guy with the hair is the goalie, at least, according to the commercial.

I didn’t put up my photos from the game on Saturday, against the Kings, so I can put them up here.

First thing we did was sign the banner. Do you think they will rip it in two, and give half to each person?


Here’s my contribution.
Don’t judge my by my handwriting. I’m a sloppy eater, too. (Not true, mostly)
I tried to get a few good shots of the jumbotron intro, but they didn’t turn out. The loudest cheers, reserved normally for Joe Sakic, Lappy, and Stastny, were for Foote and Forsberg.

The party was rolling, even if it was a pretty dull period, and then…

Even after they dragged Smyth off, and the crowd clapped for him, there was a fear in the crowd. Everyone could tell that things were not going to be alright for Smyth, and the worst was feared.

Let’s talk about this.

Ian Laperriere goes after Jack Johnson for the hit on Smyth. Rob Blake gets in the middle and stops things before they start. Everyone gets two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct. I don’t understand what was going through Lappy’s mind (I do, but come on), but Rob Blake wound up saving the Avs bacon in this one. Sure, I can see someone wanting to challenge Johnson, but the Avs at this point are already down by two forwards, then throw Lappy in the box for five minutes or more (add ten for sneezing), and the Avs are really hurting. Suddenly, you are in a situation where Scott Parker, who should be doing the dirty work in this situation, is taking a regular shift. The crowd started chanting “We want Parker” after this, and got their wish, for a shift or two, but with the lineup hurting this much, playing with a short bench, you can’t afford to lose someone like Lappy for a fighting major. Take a number, and get back to the issue later. Maybe when the game is thoroughly in hand. Since the Kings won’t be meeting the Avs again this season, I can see wanting the issue taken care of now, but this was the better outcome for now.

The good guys still prevailed, and the only real problem was that there was too much attention paid to checking Johnson that the Avs stopped playing hockey, and the second goal was given to them. Oh, and that the Pepsi Center doesn’t like to replay anything that happens against the Avs. As though the crowd can’t handle it. Even the people who sat next to me, season ticket holders who had been to a lot more games than I have this season mentioned it. I was hoping the policy might have changed, but the Avs keep giving the fans more reasons to watch at home on TV.

Tonight, the Avs take on the Evil Empire (I had to get that one in there), and with all due luck, Forsberg will be in the game, and strong on his feet. Maybe a few goals to get the crowd juiced up.

Go Avs!


  1. Doesn’t a team have to win at least one Cup before they can qualify for “Evil Empire” status?

  2. Greg – Hang on, I’m drying the tears from my eyes, I’m laughing so hard. Didn’t they try that once? Winning a Cup?

  3. They came close. Give them points for the attempt!

  4. Tape,

    Bring some banners so we can look for you in the crowd. Feel free to drop a comment in the game thread over at MHH from your wonderful widget if you get the chance…

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