Notes From a Night of Hockey

The bad part about having a night job is that I don’t usually get to watch hockey when I am working. Lately, that hasn’t been the case, and I have been able to watch game after game. So I thought I would throw out a few notes from what I saw:

Avs squeak it out: I had to leave after the second period, but what I saw of the game had me excited and scared all at once. The stick handling of Andrew Brunette in a tight space was incredible, but the goals that Jose Theodore gave up to tie the game at two – after the Avs lead 2-0 – had me more than a little concerned. I didn’t get to see the goal that tied the game, but I know in my heart that Peter McNab used the line, “Who else but Joe Sakic?” And he would be right. The shootout had me concerned, since the Oilers have made the circus stunt their bitch this season, but Roloson was like a ghost. Nowhere to be found. Avs pull out two points, give up one that may not touch them in the end, and are tied with Dallas and Calgary. Which leads us to…

Bobby Lou pulled… again: Roberto Luongo is starting to get used to that baseball cap. After flying all over hell, creation, and Florida, Luongo made it to Minnesota in time to see 33:28 of action, enough to let every goal of the game in. At this point, the Canucks can’t buy a win, and the question as to where Lou’s head is at has to be asked. If it’s where it should be, B.L. should have taken the night off, put the faith of the franchise in Sanford, and stayed behind in Florida with the newborn. It would be understandable, and while the defense obviously supported Sanford after the change, you have to let your backup, even in the final push, take over and guide the game. Maybe it was time for a change in goal before the Canucks even got there. I would like to thank them for not making that change.

How many PIM can you have in a game… legally?: The Thrashers spent the game in the box. At one point, they had five players in the box, four sitting and one standing. Mostly, it was because the refs were calling anything that moved – I think a guy in the 12th row got two minutes for slashing – but also because coach/GM/all-around-calm-and-nice-guy Don Waddell told the refs in terms that everyone watching the broadcast could easily understand, what he though of their calls. While he may have been right at the time, a little bowl of STFU cheerios may have been a better breakfast. If you don’t like the calls these refs are making, wait two day until the next game, when you won’t like the calls the new refs make. And sit down. You look like a tool on television. I work with tools. Nuff said.

2:15 for tripping to Adam Foote: How long was Foote in the box for? The penalty box attendant didn’t seem to let him out when his penalty was over, but I didn’t have the sound on, so I couldn’t tell what was happening. Anyone? I will say this. The guy who mans the penalty box used to be my neighbor last year, and this guy was not he. In other words, this was a sub. The off ice officials for the Avs games drink at a bar I go to in Denver, and if I were home, I would ask them about this. Next time.

Wings get points and I don’t care: I have better things to do than worry about them. They are in, the Avs are not done yet. I will worry about them in the playoffs. For now, whoopee.

NCAA Hockey: I hate March Madness, because it takes away from some really important hockey. This year, I have a bit of an opportunity to watch some college hockey, and I’m really enjoying what I’m seeing. It’s a bit unrefined, and a little too much B.S. involved, but it’s still a lot of fun. Tomorrow, DU plays for their lives. Should be good.

Colorado Eagles win first game of playoffs: Another Colorado hockey team did well tonight, as the Colorado Eagles beat the Youngstown Steelhounds 6-4. These are the quarterfinals of the run to the Presidents Cup in the Central Hockey League, and a game one victory, when there is heavy travel soon to be had is important. Especially when the series split, with Colorado having home ice advantage, is 2-3-2. You can win one and still lose the series away. go figure.

That’s enough for tonight. My stay in Toledo comes to an end in a few days, and I will be drinking with Greg from the Post Pessimist Society. That is going to end in a hangover of epic proportions. Stay tuned for my pain.


  1. Yeah, Theo let in some questionable goals. However, according to McNabb the goaltending last night was tramendous. We couldn’t blame any of those goals on the goaltenders that night…according to McNabb.

    The loss of Ohlund was a huge knockout punch for Vancouver. The season was essentially done for them when he went down. When Morrison went off they lost their heart and soul. I mean when the Sedins and Naslund are on the ice it’s like a Brunette and Clark having a heated conversation, IE total silence. Luango is letting in goals but his the defense is really, really bad.

  2. cupster33 says:

    Update the colorado eagles have advanced to the conference finals with a 1-0 win over the SteelHounds.

  3. Cupster – Eagles vs. Texas. I can take that. Go Eagles!!!!

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