Two Takes: One Game

I had to be at work for the third period of the Wild vs Avs game today, so I missed the fireworks at the end of overtime. Apparently, something happened at the end of overtime, and this was the result:

Screenshot 01 Gaborik
Screenshot 02 Lappy
That’s right, either Lappy fought Gaborik, or Gaborik fought Lappy. There are two sides to every story, and I present them both to you. From Roy at Wild Puck Banter:

Yes, I know Marian can sometimes be a bit feisty with the stick, but why go after him at the end of overtime? Why start swinging away, gloves on, at the other team’s most-skilled player who has been in as many fights as I have in his NHL career? Come on, Ian, even enforcers have a code. It says a lot about Ian Laperriere to go after Gaborik when Fedoruk was on the bench. One thing is for sure — the upcoming series just got A LOT more interesting.

And from Shane at Colorado Avalanche Talk:

I had to do a double take on this one but at the very end of the overtime period Marion Gaborik ended up getting into a fight with Ian Laperriere. Obviously that’s not a matchup the Wild want to see but the Avalanche will be happy to have.

It appeared to start when Laperriere yanked Gaborik’s stick out of his hands. Gaborik came back with a shove, Lappy shoved back and the rest is history. The gloves never came off but each player tossed a few punches and got me excited about the upcoming series.

We all agree that Gaborik can get “feisty” with his stick. And while there may be truth told on both sides, I have rarely seen Laperriere live up to the “unwritten code.” In general, he will no go after people who do not deserve earn make them selves available to it, but when it is time, will step up to the plate.

As for Gaborik, I rare;t have sympathy for the man. He has said things about the franchise that have stuck knives in backs. For Lappy, he is one of the most celebrated Avs of this team, and maybe this is why. Sure, I’m being a homer, taking the side of an Avs player, but I after watching the youtube version, you have to wonder what Gaborik was thinking, actually dropping his gloves first, and what the Wild commentattors are thinking, when they say that Lappy will back down against Boogaard. Actually, they said he would run and hide. Have you seen Lappy’s nose? I doubt he will hide. Hug in tight, maybe, but I doubt he will hide.

And have you seen the “fight?” Take a look on YouTube. Take a look at Lappy’s punching hand. What is unusual about this “fight?” Lappy keeps punching Gabby with his glove on. He was doing the hockey equivalent of pulling his punches. The best Gaborik came away with was a warning an some rug burn. So don’t give me this “Classless” BS, nor the “Gaborik doesn’t fight” crap. Even Sidney Crosby learned he had to stick up for himself once in a while.

I think this is going to be an interesting series. For everyone who wonders if Boogaard and Fedoruk are going to be dressed, start asking about Scott Parker. Playoff hockey, indeed.

Here’s the “fight” with Minnesota homer commentary, to get you in the playoff mood:


  1. I agree with you 100% on the broadcasters, they are unlistenable, causing me to mute most games. And yes, Gaborik can be a prick, I’ll concede that as well. I just didn’t like your team’s tough guy tangling up with our skill player at the end of OT. I’m sure Avs fans would be very upset if the roles were reversed and Chris Simon went after Stastny.

    Good take, Taper, I look forward to the playoffs.

  2. Roy – I’m with you about the Simon/Stastny thing, and I wouldn’t want Boogaard going after a skill guy on our team. But having skills should not excuse asshat behavior. If Gaborik wants to be the non-fighting skill player, he should not be a prick on the ice.

    Playoff hockey, Roy. It’s gonna be great.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why Wild fans got so pissy. Gaborik started the scrum! Lappy got jabbed with a stick, hung on to it and pulled it out of Gabby’s hands. Then Gaborik got mad and shoved Lappy, for nothing more than taking his stick away.

    If Stastny got mad and shoved Chris Simon, he’d have to expect to get roughed up a bit, but Stastny knows better than that. Gaborik thinks he’s untouchable, just like Lidstrom did. Lappy got the best of him, too.

  4. cupster33 says:

    gaborik was fighting (end of story)

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