Better Know a Rule: Kicking the Puck

For your playoff rules primer, I recommend watching a little bit of this video, provided by, designed to cover their bases and keep fans who watch it from screaming at the refs, their TVs or their children, when a puck is waived off due to the puck being kicked in the net.

After viewing this video, you can also read my take on interference, from a while ago. I still think it holds up.

But beware. Don’t watch the video too long. It is mind numbing.


  1. So as long as your skate is planted before the puck hits it, you can do whatever you like. That actually does make it a bit clearer as I’ve often seen times where I expected a goal to be waved off since the player obviously redirected it but I guess it’s cool to turn your skate in anticipation of the puck hitting it.

  2. Ok, I am only commenting because I actually talked to you, not because I give a flying F4%& about the interference rule.

    Honestly, this has really turned in to hockey dork heaven, hasn’t it?

    Better Know a Hockey Dork.

    My best to MegMegMeg.


  3. Dancing Cats?
    Dancing Effing Cats?

    Who are you?


  4. You moved in yet TL? Where are you man?

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