Better Know a Rule: Kicking the Puck

For your playoff rules primer, I recommend watching a little bit of this video, provided by, designed to cover their bases and keep fans who watch it from screaming at the refs, their TVs or their children, when a puck is waived off due to the puck being kicked in the net.

After viewing this video, you can also read my take on interference, from a while ago. I still think it holds up.

But beware. Don’t watch the video too long. It is mind numbing.


  1. Shane says:

    So as long as your skate is planted before the puck hits it, you can do whatever you like. That actually does make it a bit clearer as I’ve often seen times where I expected a goal to be waved off since the player obviously redirected it but I guess it’s cool to turn your skate in anticipation of the puck hitting it.

  2. Billrob says:

    Ok, I am only commenting because I actually talked to you, not because I give a flying F4%& about the interference rule.

    Honestly, this has really turned in to hockey dork heaven, hasn’t it?

    Better Know a Hockey Dork.

    My best to MegMegMeg.


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