Can You Dig It?


I wonder if having an Avs fan in the Wild dressing room during the season had anything to do with it. Probably not.

I got home with the game tied up (yes, I do work that late), and after what I – and a Washington lobbyist – would consider a stressful day at work, it was either the Avs winning, or I was swearing off Lewis Black for good. And there was no way the Avs would allow that to happen.

To listen to the CBC broadcasters tell it, Jose Theodore was the series MVP, and let me tell you, I had to type that slowly, using the backspace key often enough to make my pinky hurt (oh, the pain).

MegMegMeg had a great point about the no look pass that Ryan Smyth made that set up the Ryan Smyth game winning goal (that is me doing maths). She said that there is no point in our jobs where we would just throw something over our shoulder or behind our backs, and hope that someone gets it. And she is dead on right. In fact, something like that would get a person killed in our gig. But for Smyth, things worked out fine. Better than fine, it was the awesome, and the Avs move on to the next round because of it.

So to sum up:

Theo steals,
Gaborik reels,
Wild kneel,
Tapeleg squeals

(but in a manly way)

My picture for you.

Screenshot 03-6

Good call, Dater. I have words for you.

BTW: I said it earlier, and I will say it again. I am behind on my blogging. I know. Sorry. Nuff said.

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