Avs Wings Game 2: WTF

There is this guy at work named Chris, a transplant to Atlantastan from San Jose. And believe it or not, he is a Sharks fan. Not one of those blaze johnny-come-lately fan, but a fan of the team, and a fan of the game. It’s fun, because we can look at the scores, talk hockey, and lately, complain. How else is he going to react to the Sharks losing to the Stars after outshooting them. Of course, shots aren’t everything, unless you lose. You can put 100 weak, slow shots on net, and still lose the game.

I was at work for the first two periods of the game, watching the score tick upwards on the right side of my ipod, while the left side sat firmly at zero. After goal three, I called down to MegMegMeg to find out if Theodore was pulled yet. After goal four, I called again. Eventually the answer was yes. I was able to see the third period at dinner, but I kind of wish I hadn’t. It was bad.

Let me sum up what I saw. Ian Laperriere scored the only Avs goal, on a deflection. The Avs then gave up a short handed goal (on which Budaj tried hard to stop). Then the Avs gave up.

I have not. But the Avs knew when they were done.

I am going to watch the game at some point (in at 11:30 AM tomorrow, long day today, so it ain’t happening tonight), because I am a fan, and I want to see the game, or put myself through the pain. It will come, perhaps Monday, my day off.

Till then, Go Avs!!!


  1. I unexpectedly fell asleep and thus missed much of the game — probably a blessing. Ugly, ugly score.

  2. Lots of Avs bloggers are really dispondent after the loss. I still say this is the best time to be a fan. In playoff hockey ANYTHING can happen. It’s so different from the other major sports that play a best of seven series.

    In game 3 we might see the Avs play with their greatest effort of the year. We may see Sakic bring the wood. If we win, it’s 2-1 and we got a series again. I’m looking forward to the game because hockey players don’t quit in the playoffs and there’s way too much leadership in that lockeroom to let that happen.

    Go Avs!

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