Avs – Wings: So Much For Pride, Mr. Theodore

At two points in the game, the Avs had a chance to pull ahead and survive for one more day. Those were before either team scored, and when Tyler Arnason (playoff hero? please) made the game 1-1. Aside from that, you can see what happened.

Screenshot 02-11

And it pains me to put that up.

Remember what Jose Theodore was playing for? Pride? Not so much.

Screenshot 01-26
What would have happened if Budaj had gotten the start. Would he have let in five goals, had he not gone into the game down by two goals, and coming off the bench cold?
If there is any good thing to come out of getting swept, it’s that the Red Wings did not get to celebrate at home. And as far as I can see, that’s the only thing. Perhaps this will make the people who like Joel Quenneville realize that he took this team into the ground. Missed the playoffs last season, swept in round two this season, backed a horse in Theodore that turned out to be a donkey. There is only so much I can take the injury argument, and getting swept is about that far.

Tonight, I was able to take in the game with Greg from the Post Pessimist, and every so often, we would look at each other, with the idea of saying something interesting and pithy, something that would make it all make sense, something that would be worth saying as the Avs melted down in front of the team that we both loathe, and all that came out was heavy sighs. Hanging out with Greg was one of the best parts of being in Atlantastan, and makes me a little sad that I am going to be leaving Monday (for Tampa, FL). But it is Atlanta, so only a little.

It’s the perfect time to load out the show, pack it up, and move it to Tampa. I can throw myself into the gig for a few days, and then get back to the Avs for a little postmortem, and look ahead to whoever knocks out the Red Wings. I truly do not believe that they are going to win the Cup.

Until then, a picture, from last season…

Sad Little Bunny
I don’t want to use it again next year.


  1. quit your whining.your avs suck the pond water left by the wings blazing skate blades.the worst thing is patty roy wasn’t there to be embaressed again by the onslaut of wings goals.if sakic and foote want to win another cup tell them beg detroit to let them come and play here.hope you don’t run out of kleenex redwings stanley cup champs again.but just wait til next year

  2. Aw, how sweet. Red Wings fans still lack class even after they dominate a series.

    “So Much For Pride, Mr. Theodore”

    That, plus a few expletives were exactly what came out of my mouth on that first goal.

  3. Shane – I was thinking they lacked a shift key and basic education, from that comment.

    If he had played for a win, instead of pride, I would be a happy man.

  4. Why didn’t he just say:

    OMG TEH AVS R TEH suXor!!!11!!1. YOU NOOBS WER PWED HA HA HA. R3D W1NGS R TEH roXor. HA HA HA !!!!11111!!1ONE

  5. Jib – For every cool Red Wings fan – such as hockeychic – there has to be one who comes along and acts the fool. What you gonna do?

    And they have no idea that acting like an ass just makes me like my team even more. Suckers.

  6. Too bad you won,t be liking your team at the parades i’ll be going to when the Wings and Pistons are CHAMPS THIS SUMMER

  7. Tom – two words. Spell check.

  8. beandip242 says:

    So much for the Avs of old. They played like minor leaguers in this series! The coaching sucked, the goalies sucked, and defense was near useless.
    I am tired of hearing about the injuries. You guys sucked. You were outmatched all season by the Wings. Time to clean house Avs fans.
    You can’t even really point to the first round against the Wild. You looked good there only because the Wild looked like such crap.
    Enjoy watching the wings win the cup. Maybe you can learn the lessons of how a team wins in the playoffs.
    GO Wings!!

  9. The worst thing about this series…the Avs and the Wings both brought back some used up players who didn’t really produce much (Forsberg/McCarty) and the rivalry couldn’t bring the passion the Avs needed to overcome the physical (injuries) and mental (Theodore/Quennville) injuries. It’s a shame. I’m a Wings fan since 1980 and I really wanted to see a hard-fought competitive series.

    Hope the Avs come back real soon with a revamped team that can draw some blood to give the rivalry some meaning again.

  10. You assholes have more nothing more to do than worry about my writing skills.I’m still celebrating the ass kicking the Wings put on your sorry assed,exuse making,no talent bunch of want to be hockey players I saw last night.Franzen could have beaten the Avs himself.Enjoy your summer you losers.

  11. Terry – Can’t argue there.

    Beandip and tom – Why do I always hear Wings fans talk about the class of Steve Yzerman, and so few actually show any? You can troll one of the other fine establishments on the web.

  12. What the hell is a tapeleg?Sounds gay to me.

  13. Is tom texting this in… stay classy.

  14. Utter class.

  15. As in cow utter?

  16. And so much for that crap.

  17. molson says:

    I think you seen a Avs. team that was out of gas. They played with real intensity the first three games and come up empty. Last night was like they had already given up when they hit the ice. I think that Budaj should have been given the nod to start. Look at Hasek, he would go through some brain farts and finally Osgood was given a chance to start, and look where there at. But no matter what, I think Colorado was out gunned from the start. You have Z and Datsyuk tearing it up and then Franzen has been a man on a mission for the last two months. Its hard to slow a team like that who has so many options right now. The wings are deep and thats what carrying them. No major injuries except for Maltby and the ones who were injured became available right when the playoffs started.
    I don’t see anyone in the West being able to keep the Wings from getting to the finals but the East post the best bet in giving the Wings all they can handle.
    Good Luck Wings on the winning the Cup

  18. Dewman says:

    Why is it that any article written by an Avs loyal journalist or a fans blog has to say something about the “loathed” Red Wings. As an Avs fan it shouldn’t matter who you lose to or beat. It sucks to lose to anyone, at least you lost to a good team instead of losing to a crap team like Minnesota or Nashville. Its time for the Wings/Avs rivalry to die, or start over with new players. The teams are not the same as before and are not at the same level. The reason the rivalry was so heated years ago was that they were equally the two best teams in the league for 5-7 years. Its just not the same right now.

    Don’t put all Wings fans in the same category as those who post stupid moronic trash talking. We all know if the tables were turned a couple thousand Avs fans would do the same thing because thats what classless fans do. ALL teams have the classeless fans and the Wings are no exception. The Avs are not an exception either. But I do believe one thing both Avs and Wings fans can agree with is that there won’t be any riots in Denver or Detroit this year or ever for their hockey team, while the same can’t be said in the hockey Mecca of Montreal.

  19. Molson – True that. The Avs were tired, and showed a lack of depth. For all the depth that the Versus people, and others, thought they had, they had no solution when Forsberg went out. But considering the drastic amount of injuries, they were getting ready to dip into ECHL players, so I’m not sure how many teams have that kind of depth.

    Dewman – I don’t put all Wings fans into the same camp. Take a look at comment #5 in this post. And while I have no idea where you live, if you have been to a Wings – Avs game in Denver, the rivalry is still going in the stands. And I’m sure it still goes on in the Detroit stands also. There are classless fans on either side of the aisle, I agree, but the classy ones are rarely the loudest. After an 8-2 ass kicking, it’s very hard to take a fan from the other team stopping by for a little ribbing and condolences. I think I do a pretty good job of sorting out the BS from the discussion.

    As far as riots, after spending six weeks in Detroit this winter, I’m not sure if you could tell the difference. 😉 (that’s a little joke) But I remember there being some mild rioting, or more like idioting, in Denver when the Broncos won the Super Bowl. Of course, it didn’t go far, since everyone got tired out from the lack of oxygen.

  20. hockeychic says:

    As much as I enjoyed the series win by the Wings, I was disappointed that it was not a more competitive series. I know that game had to be hard to watch for Avs fans. I remember in 97 sitting in McNichols and watching the Wings get shelled in Game 5, ugh, that was so hard. As I said over on Mile High Hockey, I’m glad the Avs did not goon it up last night and finished out the game without incident.

    It is just too bad that injuries had to play such a big part in this series.

  21. cupster33 says:

    Wow iam really amazed with all the classless wings fans probably kids anyways.

  22. As a Wings fan in Montreal that comment really hit home. Very true.

  23. “But I do believe one thing both Avs and Wings fans can agree with is that there won’t be any riots in Denver or Detroit this year or ever for their hockey team, while the same can’t be said in the hockey Mecca of Montreal”

    I was referring to that comment. should have a preview button here :)

  24. HC – It should have been more competitive, and I still believe that the Avs had the potential to give the Wings more of a run for their money than the Flames had. That is, until the great goalie meltdown of 2008.

    Cupster – probably

    Cochy – Yeah, a preview button. This place sucks!!! 😉

    But again, a few asses making the fan base look bad, and sports fans who like to pounce are a common problem these days.

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