Avs Done: What Now?

Now that the Avalanche have ended their season so unceremoniously, what now?

Let’s Go, Mammoth:

The Colorado Mammoth of the NLL (National Lacrosse League) start the playoffs Saturday against the Calgary Roughnecks. It’s not hockey, but I like it.

Let’s Go, Eagles:

The Colorado Eagles are already in their playoff series, against the Arizona Sundogs in the Central Hockey League. If the Eagles win, it will be back to back cups, and three in five years of existence.

Let’s Go, Someone:

It’s still the playoffs, and hockey is still alive. It looks like I have to get behind a Pacific Division team for a little while, then I can re-evaluate. It’s still the most exciting time of year.

Let’s Go, Mud Hens:

Being in Florida for the next seven weeks, then on to DC, I will have plenty of opportunity to take in some minor league baseball. Although I would not consider myself a baseball fan, I love going to minor league parks, almost as much as I enjoy going to minor league hockey games.

Let’s Go, Tapeleg:

I have at least one new project I want to get off the ground in the next few months, and will be working towards those goals. I will need a little help, such as possible logo design, but that can wait for now.

Until then, there is hockey left to watch.


  1. Not much else to do than to just get ready for next season. The past is the past and the future is full of opportunity.

    What kind of logo design do you need?

  2. Jims – I am looking forward to the next season, but it has a lot of questions to be answered, more than this season.

    I can contact you with the logo question if you like. Let me know, but do not post your email here.

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