Nah-Nah-Nah, Hey-Hey-Hey, Goodbye

And as they said in forth grade, don’t let the door hit you.

Coach Q got the axe listened to the fans grew a brain and the Avalanche mutually agreed that it was freaking obvious was past time to be losing wasn’t a damn stand up comedy special was just best if we all moved on and started winning games maybe had a shot in hell could maybe get a clue sell a few tickets start to score goals on the power play have a strategy when star players are injured adapt to the new NHL stop trying to play arena football parted ways.

Can you tell how I feel about this?

I don’t feel the need to recount how little I liked Coach Q, but I will say that I am not surprised. Missing the playoffs for the first time in franchise history was enough for me, but then to continue down the same path, expecting different results, was the perfect indicator that things were never going to be a good fit.

I wonder if this is part of what is factoring into Joe Sakic’s decision to return to the team. Would you want to just go through more of the same? I always felt that this was a team with the elements to do well, to succeed, but was always in search of an identity on the ice. FG gave the players all the confidence in the world, but losing a few obvious choices, signing a few free agents, but leaving the team mostly intact. I think that is still a good idea (minus one body in net), and the right person behind the bench could bring that out in the team.

Who’s it going to be?


  1. I feel largely the same way. I can’t help but think Sakic played some sort of roll in the decision. I mean, FG had to approach him and ask Joe if letting Q go would affect his retirement decision. He had to right? So, Joe could have said anything from, “I won’t play again if Q is back” to “It doesn’t matter one way or the other”. But we certainly know that Joe didn’t tell FG, “If I have to start over with a new coach I’m probably not coming back”. At least I hope FG didn’t hear that and let Q go anyway.

    Brunette left not so subtle hints that he wasn’t a big fan of Q’s style. I happen to think that Brunette and Sakic are of like minds.

  2. Who’s it going to be?

    Tony. Fucking. Granato.

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