Wake Up, Fleury

I took some crap for posting this before, but I think it holds true more than a year later.

The problem with Fleury

The only thing  Fleury diesn’t have to answer for is scoring goals.  I think his worst moment was when he gave hockey fans a reminder as to why a goalie doesn’t usually clear the puck, and certainly up the middle.  Talk about a move that could seriously bite you in the ass.

A series may no be a series until it goes to the second city, but everyone in the Penguins organization has to be worried.  I’m worried.

Versus mentioned that the last time a goalie shut out the first two games of a SCF, it was Brodeur in 2003.  Well, the Ducks came back and made a series of it, and hopefully, the Penguins can find it in themselves to do the same thing.

Oh, and maybe with a few less cheap shots along the way.  But hey, I see cheap shots going both ways.  Whatever it takes.


  1. Interesting how the same picture can evoke different thoughts with different people – I was actually amused and happy with this picture (obviously) but my joy was premature because the penguins dusted themselves of and played a good game on Wednesday…. (Fleury did how ever let 2 passed him….)

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  1. Need a New Hero – How About Fleury?!…

    Inspin Sports insider says

    Pens goalie Marc-Andre Fleury hadn’t allowed more than nine goals in any of the team’s first three playoff series. He has allowed seven through two games against Detroit. All three of Fleury’s playoff shut…

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