Stanley Cup: Bummer

First off, congratulation to the Detroit Red Wings. After winning the Presidents Trophy enough times, they have certainly earned it. They fought hard, played well, and all that.

After that—–


Look, I don’t care what the Red Wings fans think about my choice of teams, and I do not care what the classless fans have to say. There are some decent people who are Red Wings fans, and I welcome their input, but after that, I do not care. It’s the jerks that get all the airtime, and they should find a venue that let’s them be jerks as much as they feel like. Start a blog, I did.

I am finding out something about myself in this moment. It isn’t so much the players, and it isn’t even the uniform, that I hate to see win the Cup. They actually earned it. It’s the fans who act like jackasses I hate to see get to bask in it’s glory. They behave like they were on the ice, and they use the term “we” way too often. I don’t think that bad behavior should be rewarded, and too often, it is. Fans who waive their fingers in other fans faces deserve to have them bitten off.

I would remind the Red Wings fans that they hold a very classy individual, Steve Yzerman, in a very high regard, they should emulate him. Don’t act like a jerk. Parity means nothing is forever.

As for the game itself, the Penguins, as much as they own the victory of Game 5, they own the defeat of Game 6. They were owned much of the third period, Fleury knocked in the game winning goal with his own ass, and the chances the Pens had were never used.

For the wings. Osgood stole a goal from Gary Roberts, who played 7:14 and had one of the best scoring chances of the game.

That’s it, the season is over. The cup is handed out, and nothing is going to be the same starting tomorrow. The Wings team that won, the Penguins team that lost, none of the 30 teams are going to be the same. As of this moment, thirty teams are in the mix.



  1. I agree 100%. I have nothing but respect for the team, the organization, etc., but I LOATHE 99.9% of the fans of Detroit.

    FWIW, I saw that you’re a reader of the ISB. Cool. Me too.

  2. Mike – ISB = NEEERRRDDDD!!!!!!

  3. NEEERRRDDDD’s rule the world though!

  4. hockeychic says:

    Thanks for this post. I know it sucks when your team doesn’t win the Cup and thank you for your good sportsmanship in saying the congratulations. I had to do it last year even though I loathe Anaheim more than any other team but they won the Cup fair and square. I enjoy your blog and thanks for letting me “hang” out. I’m actually still in shock that the Wings won. It felt very strange after the horrible Game 5 loss. I guess it will sink in at some point.

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