Bettman Snubs the Penguins (Revised for More Accuracy)

Last night, I knew there was something missing in the presentation of the Stanley Cup. Traditionally, Gary Bettman congratulates the losing team for a great playoff run, but not last night. The most Bettman said was “It takes two great teams to compete for this marvelous trophy.” Then he moved on to the Red Wings, not mentioning the Penguins by name. And on their home ice, no less.

Mr. Bettman loves to act out in subtile ways on his feelings, so you have to wonder if this was a passive aggressive way at taking a shot at Pittsburgh. To not even congratulate the team when their fans are staying around for the opposing team to skate with the Cup is pretty crude. Even if he just forgot, that’s a pretty big snub.

You can find the video of the post game presentation here. I am not embedding it, for obvious reasons.

Edit:Puck Daddy Greg Wyshynski has by back here, because he informs me that the Penguins were given props in post game celebration, before the Conn Smythe trophy was handed out.  If I recall correctly, that isn’t the place he normally does it.  The sequence in the past was Smythe, congrats losers, Cup presentation.  I still think it’s a snub, but it isn’t as egregious as I thought.  I stand corrected though.


  1. Bettman was moving along pretty darned quick to avoid the boo-birds. He usually congradulates the home crowd pretty early to get cheers and get himself out of the spotlight. He seemed flustered and hurried.

  2. Dario – You would think he’d be used to it by now. It happens every year.

  3. You would think so, look at this presentation:

    He must have been devistated that all his mechanations couldn’t deliver the cup to Crosby.

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