Can the NHL and Versus do Anything Right?

It’s 7:03 PM, and I, like at least seven other many people across America, an I’m watching the Draft Lottery on Versus.

Simply put, what the hell is going on? This isn’t even the CBC, it’s TSN.

7:05 PM and we now have the correct feed, too late to see Stompin’ Tom Connors.

I’m so damn mad at Versus right now. Is it too much to ask that Versus either looks at what it’s broadcasting? It’s a slap in the face to hockey fans in America. Canadian hockey fans, don’t blame the fans, we have idiots in charge of the broadcasts.

I’m sure there is going to be some kind of explanation that makes sense, other than someone being an idiot.

A request, Canadian hockey fans. Someone put Stompin Tom on YouTube. We deserve to see it.


  1. I got like 3 minutes of the CBC’s “Coronation Street” before it even switched to the TSN draft. What was that about?

  2. Yeah, I thought that was ridiculous too. I thought that whole “Coronation Street” had something to do with the show at first until two seconds later when I heard them talking. I flipped to the TV Guide Channel to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. Then the draft lottery came on. I almost just turned off the TV and left.

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