Maybe it’s the offseason looming, or maybe I’m just getting more and more frustrated lately, but I’ve really been concerned with the lack of a community in the hockey blogging world. Sure, there are little networks, focused around blogrolls and individual teams, like the Oilogosphere, one of the tightest knit groups around. I mean, they even play street hockey against each other.

MSM sports journalists have a forum and site to go to for discussion of the issues, stories, or just plain BS that relates to them. Bloggers are a technical enough bunch, but really haven’t had a place to go.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but haven’t had the (insert excuse here) to do. In other words, I haven’t stepped up to the plate.

Let’s celebrate a few people who have:

First off, we have Bethany from Bethany’s Hockey Rants. She has started a social network for hockey bloggers. It’s brand new, and a little rough around the edges, but it’s there, and it’s waiting for you. Go sign up, and contribute. It will only live off the strength of the membership. Plus, it takes a serious commitment to set up something like this, so kudos to Bethany for doing this.

You can find it at:

Next up is Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy. He’s been linking to the good stuff all over the hockey blogging universe, more so than a lot of the larger blogs. He certainly deserves credit. Thanks, Greg.

Puck Daddy can be found here.

Having a hockey blogging community doesn’t mean we all have to get along, agree, or even like the same things. I disagree with many of the things that the Avalanche bloggers say (and agree with plenty of it, too), but that makes for some good discussion.


  1. Geez. Sorry to hear you’re frustrated. I’m not sure why, but this post struck me as depressing enough to make a note on, for some reason.

    I hope things improve.

  2. I don’t think I’m frustrated in a depressing way, just in a “wish there was more” way. I have to many rants on the subject lately, it’s something that bugs me.

    Great post on the HNIC theme, BTW.

  3. Maybe you’re just suffering from hockey withdrawal? (But wait — I’ve been suffering it longer than you!)

    Glad you liked the HNIC post. And thanks for saying so. :)

  4. Sounds like you need a hug, Tape. Feel free to swing by MHH this summer and partake of our “19 Greatest Avalanche Players” and “Offseason Guessing Game” threads.

    Next time you’re round about these parts you need to come up to pick-up so I can see this ‘wicked’ backhand!

  5. Apparently, I sound more depressed about this – or in general – than I really am.

  6. I feel your pain. I’m not depressed but disappointed. It seems that during the season hockey fans talk and blog constantly but once season over their talk and blogging is, too. Hockey talk doesn’t stop just because the playing has. I’m happy that Bethany started Hockey Blogger, and I hope to meet other hockey bloggers like you that want to keep the talk going.

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