Bertuzzi Just Can’t Quit the West

What is it about the Western Conference that Todd Bertuzzi can’t seem to escape? I’m starting to wonder if he is addicted to playing the Avalanche. The signing of Todd the Terrible by the Flames just shows how tied to the Avs he really is. Sure, it takes two to salsa, but Todd had to say yes.
From two years at $8 million to one year at $1.95 million, this is the fall of a former NHL star (in the making). I won’t be shedding any tears for the guy. He is making a lot of money for a guybwhp dodged a jail sentence thanks to a hockey friendly court system.
Welcome back to the Northwest, Todd. Nobody except Iginla wan’ts you, anyways.


  1. Dude, why isn’t he headed to the east to be with his beloved Naslund?

    Here’s to hoping Sakic comes back for one more.

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