Sakic is Back, Hockey Exists One More Year

The Colorado Avalanche have just announced that Joe Sakic is returning for his 20th season. From the Colorado Avalanche:

“I am happy to announce the signing of Joe Sakic to a one-year contract,” said Avalanche Executive Vice President and General Manager Francois Giguere. “Our entire organization is very excited to have Joe back for another season. As the only captain of the Avalanche, his record of achievement speaks for itself. Having him return is great for our franchise and community, but also for the game of hockey.”

“Ultimately it came down to the fact that I still enjoy playing and competing,” said Sakic. “I’m comfortable with my conditioning and my overall health. I’m ready for the start of camp and am looking forward to the upcoming season.”

I haven’t heard a dollar figure, but I’m sure it is up there. Not that I mind, of course. Super Joe can have all the money left in the cap space, and it still would seem like a bargain.

I guess this is why Joe said he would be answering any questions the media have for him at his press conference before his charity golf tournament.

The Avs are back baby, yeah.

Update: Dater says $6 million. Good enough for me. That leaves $4.6 million of cap space, according to, who are still keeping it real.


  1. Finally some positive news — and something to get me a bit pumped about hockey.

  2. I don’t know what all the fuss is about…this isn’t good news at all.

  3. Greg – Hells yeah. Ready for some HOCKEY!

    Roy – It is bad news… for the rest of the league!

  4. When are you going to change the name of this site to Waiting For Forsberg? :) Ha!
    I am torn about Joe coming back. He’s the classiest guy in the League, but unfortunately he plays for you guys.

    Roy needs some uppers!

  5. Zand – You must have me confussed with another blog. I don’t really care if he comes back to the Avs… unless he does come back. Then it ROCKS!!! :)

  6. Forsberg is reported to be feeling pretty good. He could come back early. Like you guys need any more help!
    I was reading somewhere that the scoring pace that Foppa was at last season would have put him on pace for 100 points if he had played the whole season.

  7. Sakic has been a superstar since I was a kid, just the fact that he’s still in the game will make me watch another season.

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