Good Turnout

Lots of purple and black, like at a Rockies game.

Frozen Fury

The Frozen Fury starts soon. I’m outnumbered by Kings fans, but the Avs fans seem just as pumped for re game as I am.

I have no Internet at my hotel, so pictures and reports will be tomorrow. In game reports from the phone may happen tonight.

Go Avs.

Vegas Hockey

I just got in to Las Vegas for Frozen Fury, Avs vs Kings at the MGM Grand. I will have lots of pictures and reports from the game tomorrow. It’s a good thing I don’t gamble.

Further Proof That the Blogosphere is Going Under

Title says it all, but the proof:

Blog World Expo just happened in Vegas, and they can’t be bothered to post about it one their blog,

Joel Quenneville was arrested with possible drunk driving implications, and I can’t be bothered to write anything about it (I though about it, but let it go for a moment),

Hockey bloggers are writing about Yankee Stadium.

Is it the end of the world? Not yet, wait for a week.

Columbus Meet Up

I believe it was Ex -Poet Lauriete Billy Connnely who said you should never meet a favorite poet, because you will be dissapointed.

And yet, here I am, venturing out into the public, to meet up with Blue Jackets bloggers and fans alike.

Monday, around 6:00PM, a few of us are meeting up at Mac’s, my favorite bar in the Short North.  If you happen to be around, you should stop in.  Meet a few of the Blue Jackets bloggers, and talk about hte upcoming season.  You can find us by looking for the jerseys.


693 N High St,
, OH

(614) 221-6227

Map to Mac’s

CBJ Camp Sept 16th: More Photos

The Blue Jackets continues their practices and scrimmages today, first taking the ice in the Ice Haus practice facility, then moving into the main arena. Who could believe that they would be skating where Celine Dion was singing just the noght before (ugh).

Rick Nash was on the ice, but Mike Commodore was not. Since I did not make it to camp yesterday, I don’t know if anything happened to him. Fredrik Norrena got something in his eye during the early session (ice chips from a hockey stop?) which bothered him for a while. He flushed out his eye a few times, and was late getting to the later session. Afterwards, he seemed fine.

Here are your photos:

Cbjpickup091208 005

Cbjpickup091208 006

Cbjpickup091208 015
Cbjpickup091208 056

Cbjpickup091208 037

Cbjpickup091208 027

Cbjpickup091208 057

Photos of the arena session are after the jump. Most of them came out a little green, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps I need some sort of filter? Anyone have any suggestions?
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CBJ Pickup 09-12-08: More Photos

More photos from today’s camp. I thought I might be able to get along the glass for some close up shots, but there was too much condensation, making the glass extremely foggy. The mist that hung over the ice may not have been legendary, but it made for an interesting scene at the top of practice. Only one goalie today, but he played well. Enjoy what I got.

Cbjpickup091208 030
Cbjpickup091208 010
Cbjpickup091208 036
Cbjpickup091208 045
Cbjpickup091208 049
Cbjpickup091208 063
Cbjpickup091208 065
Cbjpickup091208 086

Here’s one I wish I had put up yesterday. There was a similar photo, but I like this one too:

Even more photos after the jump.
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Blue Jackets: Pick Up Practice Continues (lots of photos)

I got down to the rink again today for some more Blue Jackets camp before the camp. A few more of the heavies were in attendance, while the kids took a break before they head up to Traverce City for rookie camp. I took a bunch of pictures, and will put them all out at some point. For now, enjoy the gallery.

Peca explaining the drill about to happen:
18X Zoom in action:

It starts like any other pickup game, with a lot of standing around:

More images after the jump. [Read more…]

More CBJ Pickup

Back at the rink for more Blue Jackets action. Photos will go up late tonight.

Blue Jackets Pick Up Game: What Else Are You Going To Call It?

Official NHL training camps are weeks away, but hockey is starting to blow the dust off the shelves, strap on the gear, and have some fun before the real work begins. This week, the Blue Jackets are taking a skate before the skate, gearing up for the start of the season, and even a few prospects and walkons trying to make an early impression.

This was also a nice training camp for the new Tapecam (translation: new camera for Tapeleg). You get the benefit.

Who is this?  I don't know my Jackets by face alone.

Who is this? I don't know my Jackets by face alone.

Meeting of the minds

Meeting of the minds

I would say that the camera did just fine, but the guy behind it could use a little more help.

More Blue Jackets “coverage” when I can get back to the rink.