Blue Jackets Pick Up Game: What Else Are You Going To Call It?

Official NHL training camps are weeks away, but hockey is starting to blow the dust off the shelves, strap on the gear, and have some fun before the real work begins. This week, the Blue Jackets are taking a skate before the skate, gearing up for the start of the season, and even a few prospects and walkons trying to make an early impression.

This was also a nice training camp for the new Tapecam (translation: new camera for Tapeleg). You get the benefit.

Who is this?  I don't know my Jackets by face alone.

Who is this? I don't know my Jackets by face alone.

Meeting of the minds

Meeting of the minds

I would say that the camera did just fine, but the guy behind it could use a little more help.

More Blue Jackets “coverage” when I can get back to the rink.


  1. The goalie you’re asking about in the next to last picture is Fredrik Norrena. Judging from the 18 on the skater’s helmet, he’s talking to R.J. Umberger (18 being his CBJ number because Huselius has #20).

  2. Were you walking down High St. near Gay St. around 6PM last night? I would have yelled out, but a COTA bus got in the way. Plus, I wasn’t sure if you’d remember me from the draft, and might have been freaked out by the crazy woman in the blue Saturn yelling at you in downtown Columbus…;)

  3. That was me. Next time, yell out. Scare the hell out of me.

  4. who is the goalie with the RBK pads

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