CBJ Pickup 09-12-08: More Photos

More photos from today’s camp. I thought I might be able to get along the glass for some close up shots, but there was too much condensation, making the glass extremely foggy. The mist that hung over the ice may not have been legendary, but it made for an interesting scene at the top of practice. Only one goalie today, but he played well. Enjoy what I got.

Cbjpickup091208 030
Cbjpickup091208 010
Cbjpickup091208 036
Cbjpickup091208 045
Cbjpickup091208 049
Cbjpickup091208 063
Cbjpickup091208 065
Cbjpickup091208 086

Here’s one I wish I had put up yesterday. There was a similar photo, but I like this one too:

Even more photos after the jump.
Cbjpickup091208 048
Cbjpickup091208 078

Cbjpickup091208 081
Cbjpickup091208 082
Cbjpickup091208 083
Cbjpickup091208 106
Cbjpickup091208 115
Cbjpickup091208 133
Cbjpickup091208 174

Cbjpickup091208 168
Cbjpickup091208 180
Cbjpickup091208 183
Cbjpickup091208 052

Cbjpickup091208 172

Cbjpickup091208 169


  1. Wow, they look like a 100 point team! haha
    Cool shots! Nice work. Was Peca doing a lot of chirping and leading?

  2. Great piccies, especially the ones of Mike Commodore who I absolutely adore. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait ’til November when I come over from England.

  3. that’s the coolest shooter tutor i’ve ever seen! hope you don’t mind if i put it up on TendersLounge.

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