CBJ Camp Sept 16th: More Photos

The Blue Jackets continues their practices and scrimmages today, first taking the ice in the Ice Haus practice facility, then moving into the main arena. Who could believe that they would be skating where Celine Dion was singing just the noght before (ugh).

Rick Nash was on the ice, but Mike Commodore was not. Since I did not make it to camp yesterday, I don’t know if anything happened to him. Fredrik Norrena got something in his eye during the early session (ice chips from a hockey stop?) which bothered him for a while. He flushed out his eye a few times, and was late getting to the later session. Afterwards, he seemed fine.

Here are your photos:

Cbjpickup091208 005

Cbjpickup091208 006

Cbjpickup091208 015
Cbjpickup091208 056

Cbjpickup091208 037

Cbjpickup091208 027

Cbjpickup091208 057

Photos of the arena session are after the jump. Most of them came out a little green, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps I need some sort of filter? Anyone have any suggestions?
Cbjpickup091208 091

Cbjpickup091208 093
Cbjpickup091208 098

Cbjpickup091208 130

Cbjpickup091208 113

Cbjpickup091208 141

Cbjpickup091208 150
Cbjpickup091208 153

Cbjpickup091208 158

Cbjpickup091208 162
Cbjpickup091208 164
Cbjpickup091208 188
Cbjpickup091208 193


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