I Don’t Miss Theo

The Washington Capitals started their season on the road in Atlanta last night, with Jose Theodore getting the start. And I have to say, Theo is proving right off the bat why I don’t miss him. This picture should tell you everything you need to know. That looks familiar. Or how about this stat: 4 goals on 17 shots. Yep, the Theodore era continues somewhere else.

Now, you may be saying that Peter Budaj didn’t do that much better, letting in five on 20 shots, and you may have a point.

Screenshot 01-28
But I saw a lot of good from Budaj the other day, and several goals that were not his fault. There were defensive gaffs, along with the holes down low that go along with “fire wagon hockey,” which is what the Avs are subscribing to (until they get lit up one too many times and go into a defensive shell again).

I don’t miss Jose Theodore one bit. One playoff series is not enough to win me back from a season and a half of high priced mediocrity, which is what the Caps fans may be experiencing right off the bat.

I’m with Jibblescribbits on this one.


  1. I think we may be taking too much joy from Theo’s poor night… ok maybe not

    Ok maybe not, but I think every Avs fan feels like we made the right call after last night. again, and it can’t be said enough, it’s one game but at least it should calm the people who say “We need someone else besides Budaj”

  2. hockeychic says:

    I don’t miss the hairbag either except I do miss having someone to make fun of…ah well, there’s always Darcy Tucker.

  3. As a ‘Canes fan, I LOVE Theo.

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