Hey Versus, Goals Were Scored, Can We See Them?

From Bob Harwood of Versus at the top of the postgame show:

In fact, there are so many goals we can’t show them all.

And this quote is why I am sick of the NHL on Versus.  The worst hockey highlights this side of ESPN Sportcenter.

No, instead of showing you goals, we are going to have an interview with Ryan Smyth.  And we won’t even ask him anything interesting like what he said to the ref that got him sent back in the box for the second Wild power play goal.

6-5 Avs.  Over the Wild.  That’s like a Nashville – Islanders score.  The new NHL lives on.


  1. I got so many girlfriends, I don’t even know their names.

    VS Sux.

  2. CB – Sean A? Is that you?

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