Beckford-Tseu Alaska Aces GW Jersey: Merry Christmas to Me

One of the great things about shopping for me on christmas is that you can’t go wrong with a jersey (unless it’s a Wings jersey, then forget it, you are dead to me). This one is a fine example of what works:

Chris Beckford-Tseu Game Worn 2007-08 Alaska Aces

First off, I don’t have any jerseys of this color.

Second, I saw Mr. Beckford-Tseu at St. Louis Blues training camp, and thought he had great work ethic. I liked his play.

Third, he won a Kelly Cup in the ECHL.

Fourth, can you imagine the travel this jersey has seen?

Fifth, it has a Union sponsor patch and the 20th Anniversary of the ECHL patch. See?

P1020147 P1020148
Sixth, his name is huge.


Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, eh?

note: I am going to see the Aces on my west coast hockey tour, but not as many times, thanks to the Fresno Falcons folding.


  1. Tapeleg says:

    Greg – Yes, it is. And I’m going to Anchorage in a few months. It’s going to get a lot of play.

    Zan – You make me sound like a crazy person 😉

    Doogie – you should email me a few pictures of those jerseys. Or do a guest post.

    GFH – As epic as that may be, he would have to change teams. Devils? Not going to happen.

  2. Tapeleg says:

    Mike – Yes, it is goalie cut. I have to put up a picture or two comparing. This is the old (real) style jersey, so it is super roomy. The new style I have no idea about, mostly because I hate them.

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