Thomas May Be My New Favorite Goalie

Look, I don’t do many pure youtube posts anymore.  But this is too good.

Tim Thomas is my new favorite goalie.  I always had a fondness for the guy.  His story of how he got to the NHL is compelling, but his play has sold me in the past.  Acrobatic, as well as entertaining, Thomas was the funnest part of the Bruins until they started acting like the big bad Bruins again.

And now this:

Thomas is the man.  And I have no idea what is wrong with this play.  Thomas checks a player.  There is nothing in the rules that says he can’t.  If Jason Blake doesn’t get his a$$ handed to him from Brian Burke, it will be because he is on waivers (yeah, won’t happen, I know).  Dude, you just got checked by a goalie.

UPDATE: I am lame.  Rule number one of hockey blogging is that you give credit where it is due, mostly in the form of a link.  Some bloggers (aka: the MSM) do not care for this, since it takes away eyeballs from their own blog, or so they believe.  They are flat out wrong, but that is for another time.

I would have seen this highlight on the NHL Network, but Kukla’s Korner brought it to me first, so all credit goes to Paul.


  1. If you watched the game live, there was also a hilarious ‘live TV’ moment with Thomas in the 2nd.

    Toronto pressing in, Thomas makes a save, one of his own guys was coming to the net, and when Thomas holds on he puts the brakes on and ends up giving him a pretty impressive snow shower as the whistle blows…and you can clearly hear and see Thomas turn to the D-man and yell “What the FUCK was that?!”

  2. Nobody messes with the Thomas!

    I think the only illegality that could come into play is if he caught Blake with his blocker first.

    I think there’s a rule somewhere about goaltenders not being able to crank people with their blockers.

    For good reason too.

    I remember a beer league game once out in Val Marie (think Texas or Alabama on a much, much, much smaller scale)

    A while back, a guy from Val Marie kept chipping at our goaltenders – our very large goaltenders – glove when he had the puck covered.

    Our goalie gave him two warnings.

    The third time, he stood up and plastered that guy with his blocker.

    And given that the fellow was from Val Marie, that meant he had a mouth full of snuff that went flying in every direction.

    It was funny yet gross at the same time.

    He never hacked at his glove again.

    Actually I don’t think he got within 10 feet of him for the rest of the night.

  3. BZA – I so wish I had seen it live. Thomas may be the most entertaining part if the Bruins games, when they aren’t fighting.

    Shane – If I got a blocker in the chops, I wouldn’t get within arms reach either. And all things considered, can the Avs sign him in the off season? I want a Thomas Avs jersey.

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