Drive Time: Stockton to Astoria

Eureka was a bust. Nothing like the TV Show. Astoria, OR is my transitory town before Seattle. This is what I saw along the way. And this is all in the full knowledge that this is a hockey blog. But this is the path between hockey games, so I figure it is applicable.

It has always been a goal of mine to drive the Pacific Coast Highway. And now that I have done the vast majority of it, in various pieces, I want to do it again, this time entirely in the day time, and with a less strict schedule. I always seem to have some place I have to be, so stops along the way are shorter than I desire. But the stops I made were amazingly beautiful.

This is San Francisco from the car. I do not recommend this type of behavior. Either drive or take photos. Don’t do both.

And it’s not like you need a reminder, but if you want to see a picture bigger, click on it. Make with the mouse, people.

Sto To Ast002

I stopped here for some lunch. It was pricey, but the view was worth it.
Sto To Ast015 Sto To Ast013

Sto To Ast011
Hank keeps an eye on the turkey crossing. It really is strange to have to stop for a turkey crossing, especially when you are from Colorado. Sure, I’m a man of the World nation, but this was a new one.
Sto To Ast018 Sto To Ast017

How now, black and white cow.
Sto To Ast016
Now these are worth your time. As much as I want to get to the next game, this is why the Pacific Coast Highway is such an amazing drive.

Sto To Ast024 Sto To Ast023
Sto To Ast027 Sto To Ast028
Sto To Ast034 Sto To Ast037

Sto To Ast041 Sto To Ast042

Sto To Ast044 Sto To Ast049

Sto To Ast058 Sto To Ast059

Sto To Ast076 Sto To Ast081
Finally, this is where I stopped for dinner, the Otis Cafe, in Otis, OR. I found the place thanks to the book “Roadfood.” If you are in the neighborhood, get the German Potatoes. You will not be disappointed. But you know this, if you are following the west coast hockey tour microblog.
Sto To Ast094 Sto To Ast096
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  1. The pictures are getting better and better. Keep taking us on the road with you!

  2. Awesome pics. Otis Cafe is awesome, I love the Oregon coast! See ya Sunday!

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