Colorado (Eagles) Clinch Playoffs

Congrats to the Colorado Eagles of the Central Hockey League for not only clinching the playoffs, but also the Northwest Division title. So there is still going to be hockey worth watching in Colorado come playoff time, just not in Denver.

Oh, and if you don’t know anything about the Colorado Eagles, not only do they have one of the all time best minor league players (no, that is not an oxymoron) in Greg Pankewicz, but this year’s CHL All Star Game was between the Eagles and the rest of the league, and the Eagles won. Actually, the Eagles spanked them. The Eagles have won the Championship twice in their six years in the league (of 15 or so teams, no like the six in the IHL).

Go Eagles!


  1. BZArcher says:

    I got to talk to the owner of the Eagles a little while ago in one of those ‘random airport’ situations. I noticed he was wearing an Eagles jacket so I asked him if he’d gone to that all-star game.

    He seemed like a really nice, passionate guy, and I love the fact he brought back the OLD school all-star game with the league champs playing the rest. Good luck to the Eagles!

  2. The Eagles are getting all the talent that was usually reserved for the Blazers. It makes me sad…

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