Tri-City Americans vs. Portland Winterhawks: Old School meets New School

Buildings are important for hockey. The tone of an arena can set the tone for the entire experience of a hockey game, or the tone of an individual game. Some of the NHL arenas follow this code, but too many ignore it, choosing nice amenities over individualism. The American Airlines Center in Dallas gets it right, combining an individual character with modern convenience. But when you go to places like Port Huron, Kalamazoo, Johnstown, Providence, Rockford, Wichita, and Indianapolis, you get a real feel for what hockey is meant to feel like. There should be history and character, and often, that only comes with quirks and age. And you can add the Tri-City’s barn in Kennewick, WA to that list.

This is one of those places that seems like a rink was shoehorned into it, but in reality, it’s got it’s own charm. This is where a community of hockey fans comes together.
Tricity227 Tricity218

Notice how some of the seats extend into the corridor.
Tricity219 Tricity220

Tricity216 Tricity214
Tricity215 Tricity222

My seats were one row from the glass, thanks to my host “Dave Shultz” from the blog “I Mean, We Got Guys…”

Tricity202 Tricity196
I took a ton of photos from the game. I will not subject you to them all here, but know they could pop up at any time. You have been warned.

Words are said.
Tricity189 Tricity185

Open for business.
Tricity162 Tricity156

Tricity147 Tricity144

Tricity142 Tricity133
This guy is in some pain. I believe he came back.

Tricity130 Tricity129
Tricity104 Tricity102

Dude, what are you looking at? Eyes on the prize, buddy.
Tricity093 Tricity087
Your final:
Overall, a much better game than the night before.

After the game, I got to take part in the post game skate:

Here is a jersey I wish I had. Oh well.

These are always a lot more fun after the home team wins.

Tricity046-1 Tricity034
Tricity033 Tricity024
Tricity028 Tricity025

Would I go back to Kennewick for a game? You freaking bet. All hockey games should be experienced in places this fun. It’s what hockey travel was born for.


  1. YAY!! Great pictures, I’m totally stealing that one of Fadden against the glass for my personal collection LOL

    and you totally have to come visit again!!

  2. You Took My Seat says:

    Love it! I’m so happy you had a great time! Nice pics, BTW. Great blog. Hope to see you back here!! 😀

  3. spokant says:

    It was great to meet you. :) And I am eternally grateful for you getting Taylor over for that picture even if I didn’t seem like it at the time! Glad you enjoyed our humble little barn.

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