How About Some Baseball?

After driving non-stop to Southaven, MS yesterday to catch the Colorado Eagles get their asses handed to them, I thought I deserved to lollygag a little. If there is any reason to have an iPhone, it’s for the maps. A quick search around Little Rock told me what I was doing for the evening.

Occasionally, I like to take in a minor league baseball game. The parks are fun, the games are decent, the crowds are fun, and the price is right (just check out my $8 seat).

The Arkansas Travelers have a nice following, and a park the style of which people love to complain about these days (the manufactured nostalga). Still, it has comfy seats, good basic food choices, and cheap beer.

They are announcing the starting lineups, and it’s startling to hear the mellow crowd, after the screaming and yelling in hockey.

Let’s go, Travellers.

Post Game Skate

Lucky me, the Riverkings are having a post game skate.

Unlucky for me, the Eagles lost 6-2. Plenty of photos to share later.

Mississippi Riverkings Tonight!

I drove my ass off today to get to the upper part of Mississippi for the Mississippi Riverkings vs. Colorado Eagles playoff game tonight. More to come.

Things You Should Know

There are things to be said about tonight’s Columbus Blue Jackets game, or at the very least, my time at the CBJ game.

  • The atmosphere was awesome. It’s all well and fine to poke fun of the Blue Jackets fans (or any other fan whose team hasn’t had the success of others). But the fans showed up. They showed up in droves, they showed up to support their team, they showed up ready to do battle (and at times, with each other). They bought the swag, they shouted their support, they lived and died by the game. If the fans could have played the game themselves, the Red Wings would have lost big. You can not count this fanbase out, no matter what the regular season attendance looked like. Winning brings the fans to the arena, and this experience will bring the fans. They may have been swept out of the playoffs, but the fans didn’t care.
  • Do we have to talk about the refs? Fine. The linesmen are the ones who call ‘too many men on the ice’ penalties. When the penalty was called, no one knew what was going on. It wasn’t just the inexperience of the fans, it was the lack of real evidence and the refs (the guys with the orange armbands) seemingly putting their whistles in their pockets. If the linesmen, who have a very specific list of penalties they can call, are not on board, they will make this call. It is what they are trained to do, and if it was the right call, then so be it. As for a storyline or a way you want to see a game end, this wasn’t it. There are better ways to end a game, and end a series.
  • I do not care for the reaction of SOME of the fans. Throwing things on the ice is no way to show that you support your team. It shows a lack of class, and while class may be lacking in fanbases around the league (or around any sports league), putting it on display like this does the fans that truly support their team and sport a disservice. Hell, half of the objects thrown didn’t make it to the ice, and wound up hitting another fan. Showing a lack of respect to the refs is one thing, but to negatively influence the experience of a fellow fan is an offense that should be punishable by death (or Florida Marlins season tickets, which is a toss up, really).
  • I did not see some of the ‘non-calls’ thanks to them happening along the boards at my end of the ice, and the fact that I had a really tall guy standing in front of me. I could have saved sixty bucks had I taken the standing room only tickets, but I opted for a seat. I hope to use it more often next time at Nationwide.
  • Sure, I wanted the Red Wings to lose, but I really wanted to see the Blue Jackets fans rewarded for sticking with their team, and their excitement for the playoffs.
  • I started the season in Columbus, and I ended the season in Columbus.
  • To the bloggers and internet hockey fans I did not get to see, I am sorry. I wasn’t able to hang with you as much as I wanted to. Know that you are my people, and I will make an effort to see you again.
  • I am getting up early tomorrow to drive to the Memphis area to see the Colorado Eagles take on the Mississippi Riverkings. Tonight, the went to double OT, and lost, but they are now 7-1 in the playoffs. I think seeing a friendly jersey will be just the spark they need.
  • This was simply awesome. I can’t wait to listen to some of the audio I gathered, and hope to have some stuff for the podcast.

I took a ton of pictures, but have no time to sort them tonight. They will go up soon (I could fill the offseason with the photos I haven’t posted).

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Meal of Champs

I may die from this, but I will die happy.

The Party at Nationwide

Don’t count the fans out.

And even though I don’t like to sit at the end of an arena, I’ll take this seat.

Blue Jackets Tonight!

Forces have come together that allow me to attend tonights Blue Jackets playoff game. It I one thing to hear a report of the excitement around re game. It is another to experience it.

This is what I am greeted with as I exit the highway. What can you do?

If you happen across this before the game, pop by section 109 and say hi. I’ll be in the last row, wearing a black Johnstown Chiefs jersey.

K-Wings Tonight

These are the only Wings I can get behind. Kalamazoo takes on Ft. Wayne in IHL playoff action.

My seat is right in from of the off-ice officials, so we will see how well they (or I) do.

Bootland seems to be a popular jersey, and I seem to remember him from the last time I was here. He may be the coach.

Note that the opposin bench is where the penalty boxes normally are, and the penalty boxes bookend the home bench. Welcome to the minors.

Twittering Tonight

I’m not sold on twitter yet. It seems like fun, and it is a quick way to get some thoughts out there, but I’m not convinced it’s for me yet. I’m having a hard time taking it seriously. But I am giving it a try, so tonight, while I pack to leave East Lansing tomorrow, I’m tweeting it up (I guess?) at my twitter account (@Tapeleg) while watching the CBC on my laptop.

Also, I’m going to a Kalamazoo Wings (K Wings) game tomorrow night. IHL playoff action vs the Ft. Wayne Komets. Anyone else coming?

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Um… Guys?

There are two teams in the playoffs who are making me happy. Two. That’s it.

Screenshot 01

To the rest of you, I am displeased. As your eventual Overlord (note the capital “O” which means it’s a super serious title), I would remind you that you should be winning your games. With that, perhaps a kick in the pants is in order.

Thank you.

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