Opening Day for the Denver Outlaws

It’s opening day for the Denver Outlaws, our MLL outdoor lacrosse team. It’s not hockey, but it’s still a lot of fun.


  1. Toast88 says:

    Yeah, the MLL isn’t too bad. But it doesn’t hold a candle to indoor lacrosse in terms of excitement. Have you been to a Mammoth game yet?

  2. Toast88 – You know what’s sad? I haven’t been to a Mammoth game, and I own two Mammoth jerseys. And I’m close to getting the third jersey. I’ve watched them on TV, though.

    Yeah, the MLL is fun, but it was really tame. The crowd was quiet, the action was sometimes confusing (what the heck are those penalties?), and as intense as the individual battles are, they didn’t translate to the stands. I will go back, but I am really looking forward to indoor LAX action.

  3. Toast88 says:

    Wow, 2~3 jerseys and you’ve only seen a game on TV? We’ve gotta get you to one of the games. I’ve had season tickets for several years now and I can say it’s been more than worth it.

    The MLL just isn’t the same. Sadly, the crowd Saturday night was pretty typical for an MLL game. The refereeing Saturday was questionable, for sure. The game just struggles with engaging the fans, even with the best lax players in the world. Do you have season tickets?

  4. Toast88 – I don’t have season tickets to anything. I travel for a living, so I don’t get to spend a ton of time home in Denver. I wish that were the case.

    I suspect outdoor LAX is more fun at the college games, since there is a little more on the line, and the college atmosphere at hockey games is off the hook.

    BTW, I will probably go to the July 4th game. I should be in town at that point.

  5. @ Toast88:

    I went to one Mammoth game and hated every second of it. It was sort of like a mix of hockey and basketball, where there’s a line change every shift, and they basically run only 1/2 court/field offenses.

    I won’t be going back to the Mammoth ever again. I was interested to see if the Outlaws were better since i think outdoor lacrosse actually has a transition game.

  6. Toast88 says:


    Well, to each his own. I still prefer hockey over indoor lacrosse any day, but I like the Mammoth games a lot. It’s cheap, rowdy and meets that need when I can’t afford Avs tickets.

    And it’s funny you mention the transition game. The Mammoth coach loathes transition and doesn’t implement it. Hopefully, this will be the year he finally loses his job because of it :frustrated:

    Anyway, the Outlaws aren’t too bad. Personally, I think that the transition isn’t very prevalent in the MLL. But I think most everyone will agree that college lax really is the best show. Either way, you’ll have to show up to a game or two this summer.

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