Photos from Alaska Aces Practice Day 1

It’s been a solid 24 hours of hockey, from last night’s opening of the NHL season, to early morning hockey from Europe. And on top of that, I got to go to the first day of Alaska Aces training camp. And I took a ton of photos. Click any image to see them larger.

He’s not dead, he’s resting:

These guys did not have stitched on nameplates. I would best describe them as locker room plates velcroed on.





Coach Brent Thompson hands out the drills:

More after the jump.

Acespractice1209 Acespractice1208

Acespractice1201 Acespractice1118

Acespractice1197 Acespractice1190

Acespractice1186 Acespractice1257

Acespractice1181 Acespractice1171
Acespractice1205 Acespractice1165

Acespractice1156 Acespractice1125

Acespractice1134 Acespractice1123

Acespractice1142 Acespractice1129

Acespractice1102 Acespractice1093

Acespractice1090 Acespractice1079

Acespractice1078 Acespractice1077

Acespractice1060 Acespractice1041
Acespractice1035 Acespractice1034

And I took a lot more.

And I am going to take a lot more tomorrow.

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  1. Heather Kellington says:

    Thanks for the pics and info= looking for more on our son trying out. If you have any more to post it would be great

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