Ducks vs.Leafs: At Study in WTF

I was prepared to do an entire write up of tonight’s Leafs – Ducks game. Instead, I was as inspired to recap the game as the Ducks were to play hockey tonight.

This game was one of the worst games I have ever seen live. I have been to many hockey games over the past several years, seen many levels of hockey, from juniors to the NHL, from international competitions to the low minors, and I can easily say that tonight’s tilt was the most pathetic display of hockey I have ever witnessed.

In fact, there is no reason to do a descriptive write up, or any sort of analysis. The best I can say is that the Ducks decided to honor the return of Brian Burke, Francois Beauchemin, and Francois Allaire by giving them, handing them, boxing up and tying a pretty pink bow around the Leafs first win. Because, you know, what are friends for?

Here are some pictures. All photos can be made larger. Just click on them. Nuff said.


“What do you think? Do we have a shot in hell?”


A sea of blue.


Ducksleafs019 Ducksleafs027

Bow chick a wow wow. Porno-stache is looking right at you.

Ducksleafs028 Ducksleafs029
Even the Leafs fans have better things to do.
Ducksleafs034 Ducksleafs031
That’s the monster.
This one is for Eddie of the Puck Podcast. I skated with him before the Ducks game. Awesome guy. We recorded a few podcast segments, one for The Rink, and one for the Puck Podcast. I will link to them soon. But he knows what this picture is about.

Hey, it’s Brian Burke! Hey! Hey, Brian! Hey!


OK, on to the game.

See, this is where it all went wrong. The opening face off. The Ducks iced the puck immediately, and it all went downhill from there.


The sad part of the Orr – Parros fight was that I didn’t get a picture of Colton Orr shoving the linesman away from the first, and knocking said linesman down. If you don’t think refs show restraint on the ice, you would be wrong.

Ducksleafs118 Ducksleafs093

A nice little tribute to the returning heros. After that, it was back to the scrapping.
Ducksleafs142 Ducksleafs145

Ducksleafs151 Ducksleafs152

Hey, Whitney, you going somewhere? Are you?
Ducksleafs153 Ducksleafs154
Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Ducksleafs155 Ducksleafs156

A moment of happiness for the Ducks.

Todd Marchant didn’t make it much past this moment, and after a check into the boards later in the period, walked straight back to the dressing room, never to return.

Back to business.

As always, the equipment is the real loser.

The Ducks were…. pathetic. My ticket should be a half off coupon to the next game. I wish I had more to say, other than congrats to the Leafs. Don’t take this as a sign of better things to come. Yo didn’t play a real hockey team tonight.

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  1. Really? That didn’t entertain you? Ah well, I enjoyed it. Cool pics!
    Ready for the battered Canucks on Sunday? Please go easy on us….

  2. Zan – Oh, man, that was a bad game. I’m sure you loved every minute, but I can’t think of a worse game I’ve ever taken in live.

    As for the Canucks, I wonder who starts in goal, and I wonder if it matters.

  3. Rumor is Raycroft against his former team. Is that wise? Only if the team in front of him pulls up their socks, or this gets ugly.

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