Thin Air: Hockey Thoughts on a November Evening

Haven’t done one if these in a long while. Here we… go:

– Phil Kessel took 10 shots on goal in a 2-1 loss to Tampa Bay, and managed to be minus one. Congrats to the Toronto media, who will ignore everything in the name of overzealous reporting. Go team!

– The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Ducks, with Sidney Crosby stacked the pads, taking two points from the West. Which is all I ask of them. But couldn’t they have taken two from the Wild as well? What was so hard about that?

– How do you lose nine games in a row in this league? How do you only win one game in 13? Insane.

– Context is the buzz word on the latest episode of The Rink. Context is everything.

– I haven’t been following the minor leagues enough. That needs to change.

– The Phoenix Coyotes are fifth in the conference, but last in attendance (5,855 announced attendance against the LA Kings, a division rival). Can you imagine a Stanley Cup Final in Glendale? A half filled arena?

– Corey Perry is on fire, but no one notices thanks to the din of being on an awful team right now.

– I’m going to have a hard time buying the “record setting numbers” announcement at the end of the season. It’s happened every other season since the lockout, why not this one as well?

– The Calgary Flames deserved to be at the front of the Swine Flu inoculation line. If the Flames are sick, the entire economy of Calgary would crumble. After the CFL, what do they have? Is there any other excuse for the Red Mile? Bars would close left and right. People would have to read… books. Shudder.

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