Daytime Hockey Thoughts – November 5th, 2009

Just some thoughts:

– You know what? Your incomplete theory on why attendance is low putting the blame squarely at the fans holds no interest for me. Fleshing out real reasons with actual ideas and research does interest me. Start a flame war on your own time. I don’t care.

– I know people think Tom is insane in the latest episode of The Rink. I don’t completely disagree. But it’s certainly entertaining.

– Peter Budaj won a hockey game last night, which should put a cold chill down the thousands of Avs fans thinking he was the second coming of Typhoid Mary.

– I really need to write a new manifesto. I feel a monstering coming on.

– I have a co-worker who lives in Pittsburgh. All he can do is talk about Sidney Crosby. I would remind him that familiarity breeds contempt, but it is more pleasing to tell him how much I dislike the guy. Nut punching is not for manly endeavors, unless you are about to get stabbed in the neck.

Stabbed in the neck by a bottle, or stabbed in the back by Gary Bettman, which do you think Jerry Moyes would prefer?

– Greg Wyshynski is a good hockey writer, and Puck Daddy is a great blog, but it has to be one of the least functional blogs I have seen in a long time. We have an amazing array of tools before us as independent writers, most of which are free. Yahoo is way behind the curve. The smartest thing they did was hire a really good writer, and let him loose. But that’s it.

– I really like many of the people I met over twitter. But in the end, I had to ask myself if twitter made be a happier hockey fan. I can honestly say, it had the opposite effect. You know what makes me a happier hockey fan? NHL On The Fly.

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  1. Just curious, what suggestions you have for PD and Yahoo to make it better?

    I am also not sure if twitter is for me. I mean, I enjoy my own updates, get annoyed by everyone else’s hahaa That’s not true, but I know one of these days I may or may not flip out and unfollow almost everyone except a select few.

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