Thin Air: November 5th, Late Edition

Oh yes, another night of hockey highlights. I have the Ducks – Predators game on the DVR, but I can’t get motivated to watch. I mean, the point was to see what the problem with the Predators is, but I can’t do it. Not tonight.

– T-Squared? OK, Kevin Weekes. You can call Tim Thomas whatever you like. Still, Weekes is a solid commentator on NHL On the Fly. He doesn’t do stunned-by-the-moves all that well, but then again, he speaks with authority when he has to, and like a fan when I want him to. Good job, Kevin.

– I will be losing the NHL Network next week. I can’t tell you how sad I am about this.

– I understand the reasoning behind the NHL not modifying the point system, but I don’t like it. I think I will be writing about it soon.

– The Neil hit: A study in so what? A big guy who plays the body and has speed. What’s the problem?

– The Maple Leafs are going to play the Carolina Hurricanes. Someone has to win that game, which is too bad, really. If the Canes win, the coach keeps his job, and if the Leafs win, the city of Toronto will has to spend all that money on a parade.

– The Forearm Forklift? Awesome! Get me two sets. That thing looks… sorry, NHL Network commercials. Everything a 40 year old needs.

– Anze Kopitar’s first goal of the night was beautiful. Fleury looked bad. Not this bad, but still bad:

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– If I were the Penguins, I would be hanging my head low. Way to fall apart.

– I love seeing the water bottle on the top of the net bounce. It’s a wonderful thing.

– The Weezer Snuggie? At least they haven’t sold out.

– Shootouts: fun to watch, but not worth a point.

– Attendance in Atlanta: 10,878. Most of the fans must have been sitting in the upper bowl, because they weren’t in the lower.

– Voracek: Nice hair, just kidding.

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  1. Did Fleury-bunny get beaten by a rasinette?

  2. Yep, NHL network is a nice addition to my hockey watching. Some of the talking heads are a bit stiff but Weekes is solid.
    Tom is crazy, look how hard all the minor leagues stuggle. But you guys are right, that offer from Balsillie was as good as it gets. Idiots.

  3. Jib – Fleury was beaten by a black jelly bean. Think Easter.

    FTP – I pay so little attention to most of the talking heads, I couldn’t tell you who is who, other than Weekes, and maybe Potvin (but even then, I would need a reminder.

    You have to understand, the small bit of political and crime and punishment talk you hear is nothing to what I hear. But what a hockey guy, eh?

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