Avalanche Unveil 3rd Jersey… Which I Won’t Be Buying

The Colorado Avalanche finally showed off their latest abomination to the hockey world powered by Reebok 3rd jersey to the world, and while it has elements of the original 3rd, it really isn’t any match.

(the picture is from Icethetics, who got it somewhere else)

Great, the Avs will be playing in a Snuggie.

Look, I’ve made no secret of my dislike to the RBK EDGE jerseys, and the Avs home and away jerseys aren’t my favorites. These? Add them to the list.

I’m really not sure what the point of having a photo negative of the previous 3rd jersey is. Perhaps it’s just to create something a little different. Or as some would put it, a money grab (remember folks, it’s only a money grab if you don’t want to buy one) For me, the maroon is the primary Avalanche color, and the old 3rd jersey was full of win. This one is blue, and lousy with it. And I do mean lousy. I’m still not a fan of the piping on the shoulders (or anywhere on the EDGE jerseys).


Does that say Avalanche on the back of the neck? What the hell is that, a dog collar? What is the point? You know what should say Avalanche on it? The Stanley Cup. Oh, it does? Twice? Sweet.

Oh, and I like how Paul Stastny taped his socks on, like he was going to play a game. I guess old habits die hard.
I know some people have a problem with Colorado printed down the front of the old third jerseys, but I like it, and if there is any reason to like this jersey, that’s it. It’s a classy and classic look. It makes the jersey look like it belongs in a hockey rink, rather than in a shoe store. If there is one thing I am truly grateful for, it’s that Joe Sakic’s old locker is encased in glass, so this jersey will never find it’s way in. And the first person to put #19 on the back of one if these should be hit in the nose with a rolled up magazine and told, “NO!”

I think I will have to see these things first hand before I pass final judgement, but from the initial images, I am not a fan. That’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

Update: Does the fact that I like the old Avs third jersey and don’t like the new Avs third jersey make me a hypocrite? Maybe, and I can live with that.  But if you take something that works, stick it in a blender, turn that blender on high, and declare a success, I wouldn’t call that a good idea.

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  1. I was pretty negative towards these until I read this. That’s when I noticed the AVALANCHE wordmark on the collar. Bwah!?

    I’ve been in the want for a new Avs jersey for quite awhile now, but nothing in the current lineup calls to me. Nothing.

    I know they’re wearing them for the first time this Saturday, but I really hope they won’t also wear them in Vancouver next Friday. This is not a uniform I want to witness my team in live.

  2. Eh, I am a fan of the old 3rds as well, but these aren’t as bad as they looked in early leaked photos. Don’t get me wrong, they are bad, but I’ve seen WAAAAAAY worse

    On your Sakic thing at the end of the post, I agree big time. If the person you want on your jersey, never wore that style jersey, you can’t do it. Which is why I can’t change my Paul Kariya jersey into a Matt Duchene.

  3. Thankfully, since Sakic is retired, the NHL won’t sell an official one of these with his name on it. Still, stupid people are quite resourceful…

  4. my only thought is that they are using the blue as an homage to the quebec nordiques jerseys…..and a very poor homage at that!

  5. Ryan Classic – You should be fairly safe from seeing them use these in Vancouver. Although I would almost pay a baggage handler to steal them and burn them on entry. I wouldn’t buy a RBK EDGE jersey to save my life, but there are plenty of deals for old school jerseys out there. Get them while you can, they aren’t making any more.

    Tim – I agree with you, to a point, about not having a jersey style the player didn’t wear. I would say the only caviat is if the style of jersey for that player isn’t available anymore. I would have a hard time faulting a “4” Bruins jersey in a spoked wheel jersey of any style. I would give leeway to that sort of thing, but a Sakic third jersey of this style? No way. I wouldn’t assault the guy, but I would hang my head and weep for them.

    Grant – True that.

    Evan – I hadn’t thought of the homage angle, but the Avalanche aren’t exactly known for honoring their roots. No wonder it didn’t click. Still, if you want to do an homage, and do it right, how about putting the fleur-de-lis of the Nordiques jersey on it? It would be much more fitting than the Calgary flag on the Flames jersey, and would imbibe very little criticism.

  6. They look like a replica of an old fashioned sweater using new technology/fabrics. I don’t buy into the fact that a sleek fabric makes a player better or faster. Constant gut-checks, love of the game and a hatred of failure makes players better…RBK doesn’t really help or assist, it only makes them look worse in the process. I’m pretty sure the goal leaders in the NHL won’t be thanking RBK for their great season unless contractually obliged to do so.

  7. I’ll be the odd one out here and say that to me this is better than the old third jersey. The old maroon third never appealed me. I appreciated the retro style (and I’m glad they continued that with the new third), but I hated the stripes around the waist. I suppose if it had blue shoulders it would have looked better, but then it would have been too much like the regular jersey – which would defeat the purpose of having a third in the first place.

    Which that brings me to my second comment – it would make little sense to have the same dominant color on both jerseys. The third is an alternate, so it can be what the regular jersey isn’t and offer the fans something new to be excited about. Whether it will resonate with fans is yet to be seen, but I will bet there are many out there who would like an alternative to the maroon.

    Lastly, and most importantly, Reebok did not dictate the art design on any of the new jerseys – that is up to each team’s management to implement and approve. The most you can criticize Reebok for is the material choice and cut of the new jerseys, which were determined from test data. If you don’t like the way the jerseys look cosmetically, you have to blame the team.

  8. Erik – The artistic choices are designed into the new look of the jerseys, IMO. Still, the blue is my main complaint about the jersey, artistically. That and the piping that seems to be with every RBK EDGE jersey.

    While I do understand who designs the jerseys, I haven’t met an EDGE jersey I liked. I do criticize Reebok for the make and cut of the jerseys, but this is also a poor looking jersey artistically, again IMO. I like what they kept from the old 3rd jersey, but the blue and the piping are not my favorite, and the EDGE style is a deal breaker for me.

  9. Gute Seite! Dein Artikel ist gut geschrieben. Danke dafuer.

  10. well, I’m not going to go out and buy one – I just like it a lot better than the old third. It’s funny, though, that they do seem to be cured. I don’t think they’ve won a game in them.

    My favorite third in the league is Minnesota’s. very classic.

  11. I meant “cursed.”

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