Thin Air: Hockey Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon, November 15th, 2009

Stuff that would normally go into the ether, were I still dealing with twitter.

– I went to a Spokane Chiefs game with Jason Cohen, author of Zamboni Rodeo, still one of my top five hockey books. Jason was a lot of fun, and I thank him for showing up. Now, if only the Kamloops Blazers had shown up.

– The Colorado Eagles are 7-0-1 so far this season, putting them first in the Conference with the least amount of games played. We will see what happens when they hit the road, but for now, things are looking pretty good in Ft. Collins.

– The same can’t be said for the Avalanche. You know, for all the crap Red Wings bloggers take for not writing after a Detroit loss, I am not seeing a lot of effort put into dissecting this latest blowout. Other than blaming the new 3rd jerseys, that is.

– Paul Kukla put this warning on his site the other day:

We really do appreciate you visiting all the blogs under the KK umbrella, but do want to remind you to keep your comments on the topic of the post and also to avoid the childish banter that does take place at times.

People want to read about the topic at hand, not how good you are at throwing out personal barbs at people.

There is a proper way to get your point across and then there is a way not to do it. If you don’t know the difference, then maybe KK is not the place for you. So either adjust or move on to another site.

Paul isn’t big on being criticized. But a warning like this seem kind of ridiculous when Kukla’s Korner plays host to the vitriol of Abel to Yzerman. Go figure. I support imposing control over your site, fostering the kind of community you want to have around, and moderating your commenters, but this is kind of funny. Actually, it’s really funny. Especially when the barbs thrown at Eklund are taken into account (Eklund is certainly not my favorite blogger). None of us are perfect, but come on.

– Hey, look at that. I’m on Puck Daddy: Five reasons why Avalanche blogger Tapeleg loves hockey.

– If you had a choice between these two jerseys, which would you choose? Go let Ryan Classic know, or tell me here. I’d lean towards the black one, partly because of the tie up in the front, and partly because I’d hate to spill food on the white one.

Ottawa 67S Black Ottawa 67S White

– Sure, I’d call a jersey a sweater….. if it were made of wool, designed to keep you warm, or worn by this guy.


Anything in the EDGE system is not a sweater. Just saying.

– Here in Spokane, they have stick and puck time (ice time to work on your hockey skills) every week day. How about that, eh?

– Do you know what RSS is, or how to use programs like Google Reader or feed catchers like endo or NetNewsWire to make your life easier? Do you know about Instapaper for saving webpages for later reading with one click? Have you every used something like Readability to make the blogs you want to read easier for your eyes to handle? I’m thinking about doing a post on all of these things, to make reading hockey blogs better for you, the reader. Because what’s the point of making it difficult.

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  1. I gotta say that the black ’67s jersey would be my choice. That tie up in the front is really sharp.

    (You’re also right about the food issues…I -love- my old Leafs’ home / 3rd jerseys, but I can’t wear them anywhere I’m gonna be eating or they’ll magically attract coffee, buffalo wing sauce, ketchup, and anything else that can stain…

  2. I like the logo on the white one so much more. It’s the logo I grew up loving. The food issue really is an issue, though. Most people are telling me to go black.

  3. BZA – I take my jerseys off before I eat, but I can tell you, it was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. :)

    Ryan – I like the logo on the white one better as well. If you can live with a white jersey, I would go for it, but the black one is pretty sharp. I won’t matter in the end, though, since the vultures in Vancouver will tear it off you after they mug you and take your wallet for even thinking about eastern Canada.

  4. I’ve gotten away with wearing a Senators jersey before. The 67’s jersey is much less, how can I put this delicately… absolutely wretched. Black or white, it’s the only way I can wear my old hometown with any pride. Both of those jerseys prove that you really can do something good with the RBK Edge system.

    I did have one bus driver who (jokingly) told me he wouldn’t let me on the bus when I was wearing my Avs hat.

  5. The same can’t be said for the Avalanche. You know, for all the crap Red Wings bloggers take for not writing after a Detroit loss, I am not seeing a lot of effort put into dissecting this latest blowout. Other than blaming the new 3rd jerseys, that is.

    I was visiting my dad in the hospital all weekend, so had little time for much computer work at all.

  6. Growing up in Texas, I did not get to see much hockey. When I joined the Navy back in 1990 the Stars were still considered a novelty. I love what has happened back there since then. Zamboni Rodeo is a great read. I’m not sure if it still holds true but at one time Texas had more pro-hockey clubs than any other state. The book is great in that it shows how kids and vets alike are still clinging to a dream.

  7. Jib – That comment wasn’t aimed squarely at you.

    Mark – Jason was a hoot to hang out with. I hope he has another hockey book in him some day.

  8. Understood, but I’ve been a slight critic of the same thing, so I should at least defend myself…

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