The Perfect Third Jersey Comment

This was so spot on, I thought it deserved it’s own post.

Mark from Alaska wrote this comment about the Avs 3rd jersey:

They look like a replica of an old fashioned sweater using new technology/fabrics. I don’t buy into the fact that a sleek fabric makes a player better or faster. Constant gut-checks, love of the game and a hatred of failure makes players better…RBK doesn’t really help or assist, it only makes them look worse in the process. I’m pretty sure the goal leaders in the NHL won’t be thanking RBK for their great season unless contractually obliged to do so.

Dead on, Mark. I wonder if Sidney Crosby, poster boy for Rebook, ever read a statement thanking them for his Stanley Cup.

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  1. It amazes me how many of these old-fashioned replicas get something so simple so completely wrong. I’ve yet to figure out what is actually going on in the armpit of the Avs’ new 3rds. Why is that black stripe running upwards into its own armpitty yolk? If you’re going to make something that resembles vintage jerseys of yore, go out and actually make it look like that jersey. Aesthetically-speaking, there is no valid reason as to why that armpit blotch is there.

    With regards to RBK itself, I’m sure John Tavares is just kicking himself thinking of how much more productive he could have been in his OHL career if, dognabbit, Oshawa and London could have just seen the light and switched to the Edge jerseys before he broke the all-time goal scoring record and got drafted first overall.

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