Christmas Jerseys 2009: Part One

Christmas may come but once a year, but… yeah, I got nothing. But hey, who cares when you can share your holiday jersey gifts.

Last year, I was the proud recipient of an Alaska Aces Game Worn Chris Beckford-Tseu jersey, which was timely since I was going to spend some time in Anchorage. This year, I got three jerseys.


Who’s the luckiest guy ever?

I’ll split this up into two posts, because I don’t think your heart can handle all the awesomeness at once.

First up, the Moscow Penguins:


This is not a game worn jersey, but it sure is awesome. It’s obviously referring itself to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the number, 66, is a reference to Mario Lemeiux. But I don’t know a lot about this jersey. Other than I love it.


The jersey is made by Lutch, like most of my Russian jerseys. They are some of the softest jerseys around.

How about them logos (click on any image to make it larger):

Christmasjersey8 Christmasjersey15

Christmasjersey7 Christmasjersey3

Dmitry Chesnokov of Puck Daddy and several other places (including being a guest on The Rink Podcast) tells me this translates to “Moscow Hockey Federation.”


Next up, the first Rebook EDGE jersey to find it’s way into my collection. It’s a John-Michael Liles practice used jersey:


Now, this is my first Rebook EDGE jersey I have ever owned, and I have a few impressions.

First, it’s weird. It feels weird, it hangs weird, it lays down weird. You know how, with an old jersey or a t-shirt, when you lay it down, it flattens out? This doesn’t. I couldn’t make the damn thing lie flat for the photos, no matter how much I tried.

Then, there is the reflective piping. There is more piping on this thing then on the previous Rebook practice jerseys. And boy, does it catch the light. Look what happens when I turn the flash on:


Holy cow! I’m blinded!

Christmasjersey11 Christmasjersey12
These guys aren’t riding motorcycles at night, they are playing hockey. What is the point of all that?

Anyways, a few more. I wanted to compare the new jersey to my old Skrastins practice used jersey, so here you go.

Christmasjersey21 Christmasjersey22

Christmasjersey25 Christmasjersey24

Christmasjersey27 Christmasjersey29

Oh wait, there’s more, but you are going to have to check back in a day or two. One last jersey to come.

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  1. Yeah, the EDGE practice jerseys basically put you right back into TRON. It’s 80’s-riffic.

    I really like the shoulder patches on the Moscow Penguins jersey. Great score!

  2. Tapeleg,

    Are you going to be doing another west coast tour this year? I met you briefly at the Kings game, and saw you at the Reign game as well. It’d be cool to plan a get together prior to a game, food, beers, ect. Love your blog, keep up the hard work.


  3. BZA – TRON!

    IxxI – I won’t be doing a west coast tour this year. Right now, I’m trying to get it together to get a Texas tour started in a few weeks (but that’s a struggle right now). I will be attending the draft in LA, though. The timing works out well for my schedule. We’ll hook up then for sure.

  4. Great post James. I like jerseys. They’re cool. I think I’ll get a few someday.

  5. Great stuff as always. I love your pics man.

    Quick question is there still a part 2 waiting to happen or did I miss it?

    Best regards,

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