Colorado Eagles vs. Laredo Bucks: Away Games

I have only a little time before I have to get on the road to Hidalgo, TX for the Colorado Eagles vs the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees game, so this is mostly going to be a photo essay. I’m cooking up something else later.

Click on any photos you want to see bigger.

The sky over Laredo before the game was full of color.

Laredobucks002 Laredobucks004

The arena itself had a little more character than most new buildings, but was still new enough to be modern. It reminded me of where the Grand Rapids Griffins play, or where the Ft. Worth Brahmas played, due to the big wall at one end.

Laredobucks021 Laredobucks016

I really like this picture.

This was the guy who let in 3 goals on 5 shots and got pulled.
Laredobucks037 Laredobucks039

I have to say, I like these jerseys a lot. They are right in all the ways the new Avs third jersey is wrong. I think I may have to get one.


Laredobucks041 Laredobucks052

This led to repercussions later. The ref wasn’t taking any crap from anyone. The eagles took a few extra penalties for mouthing off to the ref early in the game. In fact, 7 total penalties, including both the 5 on 3 and a 4 minute stint in the box were directly thanks to players or coaches mouthing off to the ref.

Laredobucks047 Laredobucks046

Hey, those pictures? They almost didn’t let me in with my camera. They said it was a pro camera (it doesn’t have a removable lens, and I told them to bring a supervisor over to discuss the matter, which they then said it was OK). I don’t understand the policy. I get that you don’t want pro photographers bringing tripods and huge lenses into the building, but what harm does a good photograph of a game do? I’m posting my photos online, and you get to see hockey in a new building. It’s promoting the sport, and their team. What is the problem? People with teams, especially in the minors, need to realize that free promotion is their best tool, and the fans are the ones who will provide that.

Can you imagine an arena up north with the Mexican national flag hanging? But here they do Canada the honor of hanging their national flag. Good job, Laredo.


After each goal scored by the Bucks, the fans would throw plastic corn on the ice, which would stop the game, and have to be cleaned up. It took forever to do, but it was the local tradition. As it was explained to me, it was deer corn. They were feeding the deer. The Bucks?


Laredobucks057 Laredobucks059


Hecklers! Yes, I was heckled at the game. They get the small photo.

The Eagles tied the game up in the last few seconds (18 to be close to exact), and the game wound up going to the shootout, where the Eagles were fairly awful. In the CHL, like most of the minor leagues, shootouts go five shooters deep, rather than the three in the NHL. I have no idea why the NHL went with three shooters, but they did.

Hey look, the pucks in the back of the net. Go figure.

Laredobucks064 Laredobucks071

Taunting the shooter:


Weirdest save ever? No, but still…

Laredobucks076 Laredobucks077
Laredobucks078 Laredobucks079

You should have seen it in person.

Losers have to skate off past the winners? That sucks.
Laredobucks082 Laredobucks085

That’s your final. The Bucks had a post game skate after the game, but I only had my iPhone with me, so the pictures aren’t as good. Still, I will post them. Just a little later.


I had a great time at the game, and will talk a little later about what it was like as an away fan, and talking with the fans at the game. For now, it’s on to Laredo.

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  1. I want to conagratulate you for the pictures, they are great. I am not surprised about the camera thing, for some reason they are kind of strict on cameras. You shouldn’t have had any problems coming in to the LEC with the camera since there is a sign at the entrance that prohibits cameras with removable lenses.

  2. Dave Steinquist says:

    My wife and I were in Laredo on a vacation last December, and I went to the LEC to see the Bucks and Corpus Christi play the day after Christmas. It was “HEB Night,” so all tickets were $5, nice crowd. My wife stayed at the motel, so I was able to get a single right behind the Buck’s bench. The game went to a shoot-out, just like this one, but the Buck’s lost that time. I saved an ear of “Buck’s Corn” as a souvenir, and I keep it handy to through on the living room floor when I’m watching a game on the NHL Network!

    One surprise I had: I grew up in the Chicago area (I’m now retired in Arkansas), and we used to go to Blackhawk’s games. Terry Ruskowski was always a ‘ball of fire’ for the BHs back then—and it was a nice surprise to see him coaching the Bucks last year. I had my little digital camera with me—no hassles to bring it in!—and took a few photos of the game—as well as of Coach Terry up close and personal. It was a nice evening spent in Laredo, we enjoyed the town (and the food at Taco Palenque)!

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