Colorado Eagles vs. Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees: Wait For It…

This is a little out of order, and certainly overdue (as is the 2nd Christmas jersey post, which I promise is coming). It’s the Eagles vs Killer Bees.

Welcome to Dodge Arena:


Dodge Arena is in the middle of nowhere, or at least, the only thing near the arena is the nicest Best Western hotel I have ever stayed in (and I have stayed in my share).

The Eagles came out with a strong start, but the Killer Bees goalie was on fire all night. The second period was all Eagles though, and they ended the period up 2-0. Unfortunately, that lead didn’t last, and the Bees came back to win the game 3-2, scoring the go ahead goal with half the final period left.

On to the pictures. Click on any images for bigger versions.

I love those new Eagles jerseys. I want one, bad.

RGVKilleBees022.jpg   RGVKilleBees024.jpg

RGVKilleBees034.jpg RGVKilleBees042.jpg

The Bees mascot was nice..

.RGVKilleBees051.jpg RGVKilleBees082.jpg

For a moment:

RGVKilleBees084.jpg RGVKilleBees089.jpg

Back to the game.

RGVKilleBees095.jpg   RGVKilleBees103.jpg

RGVKilleBees106.jpg RGVKilleBees107.jpg

RGVKilleBees110.jpg RGVKilleBees120.jpg

RGVKilleBees124.jpg RGVKilleBees126.jpg

RGVKilleBees127.jpg RGVKilleBees132.jpg

RGVKilleBees139.jpg RGVKilleBees140.jpg

RGVKilleBees143.jpg  RGVKilleBees146.jpg

There’s your final. It looks like the Eagles can’t win when I’m around. Next time, maybe.



  1. Those damn mascots! Haha!
    Great pics as always James. Are you using a hi $ camera or are you just good? I bought a $300 one (but still a point & shoot) this year for Broncos games and while I thought they were beter, still not as good as I had hoped.
    Of course I have have ZERO camera smarts so that might have something to do with it!

  2. I use a Panasonic DMC-FZ28 10MP camera. It’s a point and shoot, but kind of an advanced point and shoot. I’m usually using either the automatic settings, or the sports preset, nothing special on it. The big benefit is the 18X zoom, which allows me to get in close to the action. The latest version (12 MP, 18x zoom) goes for about $320 on Amazon right now.

    I can’t say enough about the Panasonic cameras. The optics are solid, and they are easy to use. I also have a smaller (8 MP, 10x zoom) Panasonic that can fit in my pocket, and takes great photos as well. I love their stuff.

    I would love to learn more about cameras, but I have a lot of other things I need to learn about first (PHP, HTML, advanced podcasting, streaming audio, on and on and on). I don’t know much about cameras, but I will take 150 pictures a game, process them in photoshop (auto levels, auto color correct), and pick what I like for the posts. Even photoshop elements (what I use) does the auto corrections, and the difference isn’t grand, but it helps.

    Keep plugging away, and carry enough batteries and memory to get every shot you may want. They only come along once. I carry 1-2 extra rechargeable batteries and a 8GB memory card to every game. I can shoot 1,500 shots if I wanted (never going to happen), so I never have to worry about the camera.

  3. I went with the Nikon Coolpix L100 mainly because it had the 15x and every other camera at that price was 10x
    Well I may have to look into the photoshop element, I just post ’em raw. And at this point I’m not going to get another camera. Thanks, good to know you get such nice pics with a <$1,000 set-up.

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