Christmas Jersey 2009: Part 2

As I said just a few days ago, I got a few jerseys for Christmas and…

What? Christmas was five months ago? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Finally, the long promised jersey post is here. Meet the Lake Erie Monsters Mark McCutcheon Game Worn Jersey:


Now, I didn’t know much about McCutcheon (actually, I didn’t know anything about McCutcheon), so I went to look up him up from the nameplate on the back of the jersey. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?


One slight problem. They misspelled his name.


That’s right, the team misspelled his name, on his own jersey. The one he wore. The team. This is the same team that hasn’t made the playoffs in their three years of existence. Not once.

But I digress. Here are his stats, according to TSN.

OK, so we have a game worn jersey with the player’s name misspelled (Ok, I’m letting it go, but my mind is blown), but is there damage? Does it look game worn? You bet it does:


This is an original style (1.0) RBK EDGE jersey, and I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t feel durable.



That’s some serious damage, most likely from the shoulder pads of McCutcheon. No wonder they changed the jersey materials after the first batch.

More jerseys coming soon.


  1. I can imagine the conversation between the equipment manager and McCutcheon going something like this. “Hey Mark…yea…we’ve got a little issue man. You have too many Cs in your name and we’re running out of space on the back of your jersey for the nameplate. I took one out and it still doesn’t fit like it should on there. Sorry dude. Have a great season though!”

    I imagine he and his teammates didn’t ever even notice. I myself never spell checked the back of my teammates jerseys ever. I bet the pro guys could care less too. Cool story Tape. That’s a good looking jersey. Looking forward to seeing it in person some day.

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