Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks Game 2: Night of Awesome

I don’t have a lot to say about tonight’s game between the Blackhawks and the Canucks, other than it was a great time, and an amazing atmosphere for a game. I got some audio from the opening of the game, but I’m not sure if it’s usable, since the people around me were going ape-s#!+ the entire time. This is a city that loves their hockey team, which wasn’t the case a few short years ago.

My seats were great for watching a hockey game, but not so great for taking pictures. This game, though, I was more interested in the game than getting pictures from it. Still, I did get a few.

The United Center is big and imposing form the outside.


This is not this man’s real hair:


The UC is big. Really big.

CHI_VAN_Game2021.jpg CHI_VAN_Game2022.jpg

CHI_VAN_Game2029.jpg   CHI_VAN_Game2030.jpg  

Warm-ups. It’s always weird when a player is looking in your general direction when you are taking their picture:

CHI_VAN_Game2033.jpg CHI_VAN_Game2039.jpg

CHI_VAN_Game2056.jpg CHI_VAN_Game2070.jpg

Pre game:

CHI_VAN_Game2081.jpg CHI_VAN_Game2095.jpg

Game on:

CHI_VAN_Game2102.jpg CHI_VAN_Game2103.jpg

CHI_VAN_Game2114.jpg   CHI_VAN_Game2117.jpg

The crowd goes wild:

CHI_VAN_Game2120.jpg   CHI_VAN_Game2119.jpg

CHI_VAN_Game2126.jpg   CHI_VAN_Game2124.jpg  

They gave us red towels to waive for the game, but some of them didn’t make it home with their owners after the third Blackhawks goal:

CHI_VAN_Game2131.jpg CHI_VAN_Game2129.jpg

CHI_VAN_Game2133.jpg   CHI_VAN_Game2128.jpg

Really, there isn’t a lot to say. You watched the game, right? The short handed goal, the Canuck players bouncing off Byfuglien, it was all it looked like on TV and more.

The Blackhawks would like to remind you that there are only 11 wins until the cup can be theirs.



  1. Tim (chiavsfan) says:

    How did you like the anthem? Something else isn’t it? I have had the chance to cover 14 games this year for my radio station, including (unfortunately) game 1 of this series. But the anthem gives me chills every time

  2. It was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, so I was laughing the entire time, out of surprise. Also, the Blackhawks having a serviceman from Canada for the Canadian anthem was a good idea. I wonder if the fans in Montreal would boo the American anthem if the team had a marine or two on the ice for the song.

  3. Great meeting you. Nice pic of Al Secord at the autograph table – I made sure to yell at him, “Kick his ass, Al!”

    Not only do we show our love during the Star-Spangled Banner, but a lot of us, (my wife and I included) give a pretty loud rendition of “O Canada”.

    • It was great meeting you as well. We will have to hook up for some podcasting.

      They were belting out ‘O Canada’ in my section. It was great. Having a Canadian serviceman there was a good touch. I wonder if the Montreal fans would be so quick to boo the US national anthem, if there were Marines on the ice. I doubt it.

  4. If the Canucks and Blackhawks meet again this year in the playoffs it will likely be with a different result. The Blackhawks have lost a bunch of players to free agency and the Canucks have really improved their defense.

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