Huntington Blizzard MW Jersey: Not a Jersey Foul

Yes, obviously, I am a jersey collector. I love hockey jerseys, and I wear them all the time (I’m not crazy, I wear other things in the off season). I’m not as big a jersey collector as some people I know, but I have a fair share of jerseys, as many as my budget allows. But what I lack in sheer numbers, I make up for in variety and uniqueness (amazingly, uniqueness is a word, who knew?).

And some day, I expect that variety and uniqueness to land me on a coveted, infamous Puck Daddy jersey fouls post. And with all due luck, this jersey will get me there. But this, is not a jersey foul.

I present to you the Huntington Blizzard mascot worn jersey:


This is a true winter jersey, one of the thickest I own. If it were worn by a player, it would have acted like body armor. Throw a fleece under this jersey and you could take on winters in Alaska.

But why would this be a jersey foul? Well, it isn’t, but seen from the back, it could be misconstrued as one.


That’s right, 1 1/2. If you didn’t know this was a MASCOT WORN jersey, you assume this was a foul. But it is more unique than anything else.

As an added bonus, a short story. The Central Hockey League team that played a few years in Broomfield, CO, the Rocky Mountain Rage, had a head coach that played in Huntington. I wore this jersey to a game, knowing that the players and coaches had to walk by an area where the fans could see and chat with them. The coach saw my jersey and gave me the thumbs up. Then I turned so he could see the back, and the look on his face was one of confusion. It was a fun moment for me.



  1. Like lacrosse jerseys.

  2. Whoops. There should have been a quote of “I’m not crazy, I wear other things in the off season” above that.

  3. This post is a great example of the thin line between an obvious jersey foul and a jersey with a great story. I have a few in my collection as well. People who see sae a Linus Videll, Anders Lovdahl, or Alex Riazantsev Avalanche jersey on someone may make an assumption that may be my last name, which is a jersey foul, at least in my eyes. But fans who have really done their homework would know they were draft picks that never played anywhere near Pepsi Center. Jerseys are fun. Thanks for being my partner in jerseys, hockey, and podcasting.

  4. This is a huge jersey “WIN”! There were several Klondikes in Huntington over the years but only 1/2 dozen jerseys. There are only a few mascot worn jerseys which exist as they did not get worn out and sold every year but were reused. You must have one of the ones that existed when the Blizzard collapsed and moved to TN.

    The Klonkides I remember from the mid to late 90’s.

    Off-ice Ambassador
    Paul (not sure of last name) – A really nice gentelman who loved kids and loved to see people smile.

    James “Loki” Ratliff – A college student at Marshall University was the primary Klondike. I believe he skated out for 4 years and the fans loved him and the kids absolutely adored him.

    “T” Jeffreys, Jr. – This was one of the hockey directors, an owner’s son, and a good friend of my family. “T” suited up a time or two; normally he was running the sound system in the Huntington Civic Arena. He left me in charge of it one night and let’s just say that after the threat of a bench minor for playing songs that made fun of the officials every penalty call and one no-goal call(lots of bad calls that night) I ran out to my car, grabbed my hockey bag, and became the backup Klondike.

    Bob Christian II – A friend of “T” I occasionally filled in when needed. It was an amazing experience. I ended up getting a pair of players only sweats out of the deal but I really wanted the jersey.

    There were 2 other young men who skated out as Klondike but I don’t recall their names. I think one might have been Sherman and the other was a talented player that came to a public tryout session in 1997.

    If you ever sell the jersey give me a shout. If you ever run across the Blizzard “St. Patty’s Day” Klondike jersey (you will know it when you see it) for sale I would love the chance to buy it.



    • I do not see a way to update my original post or delete it and re-post and wanted to first apologize for not remembering Paul’s last name. Through one of the fans I found that Paul Beckett passed away over 7 years ago.

      Paul Beckett was the off-ice Klondike, and occasionally walked out on the ice as Klondike. Paul was loved by many a kid, young and old. When kids met Klondike they met Paul Beckett. He was a very kind and gentle gentleman and always put a smile on the faces of kids, both large and small. During the game I would often see him walking the bleachers and out in the halls or even sitting down amongst a bunch of kids watching the game for a minute and for a picture. People like Paul were rare back then and are more rare today.

      I have included Paul’s Obituary below:

      PAUL A. BECKETT, 64, of Huntington, died Wednesday, April 14, 2004, at Cabell Huntington Hospital. A funeral service will be held by The Rev Eric Miller at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 17, 2004, at Klingel Carpenter Mortuary. Interment will follow in Forest Lawn Cemetery. Paul was born April 4, 1940 in Huntington, the son of Melissa Smith Beckett and the late Allen Grant Beckett. He was a member of the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church. He was retired from the Huntington Trust and Savings Bank. Mr. Beckett graduated from K.M.I., Marshall University and received a specialist degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Wisconsin. He was commissioned a lieutenant in the U.S. Army, and served with distinction in Korea. Mr. Beckett was the president of his Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alumni Chapter at Marshall University and served on the board of directors of the Marshall Alumni Association. He was the president of the former Huntington Cubs Booster Club as well as a mascot with the Huntington Locomotives. He was instrumental in the team formation of the Huntington Blizzard Hockey Team and served as the mascot, “Klondike the Blizzard Bear,” for the team. In addition to his mother, he is survived by his wife, Lillian Sue Beckett; two daughters, Sarah Beckett Boehm and her husband Andrew of Richmond, Va., and Susan Inscoe of Huntington; two sons, Allen Randolph Beckett of Mount Pleasant, S.C., and Robert Insco and his wife Mary of Huntington; a grandson, Avery Insco; one sister, Jane Beckett Bradley and her husband Charles K. of Gainesville, Ga.; two nephews, Ramsay Holland Sims and Grant Beckett Sims; and a host of relatives and friends. Memorial contributions may be made to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon House Corporation, 212 West 11th Ave., Huntington, WV 25701. The family will receive friends from 6 until 8 p.m. Friday, April l6, 2004, at Klingel Carpenter Mortuary.

  5. would love to buy this or any blizzard jersey, if you ever want to sellm let me know!!

  6. I just bought a Perna game worn Blizzard away jersey with the 10th anniversary patch on the back. A man at the Huntington Mall is selling a small collection of Blizzard jerseys that he has including home and away. He had Stone’s first year jersey for sale for 120 dollars when I bought mine.

  7. Bob – Thanks for the background on the mascots. I didn’t know any of that.

    darren (and BOB) – It’s pretty unlikely I will ever sell this jersey, but if I do, I will look you guys up. I really like it a lot.

    Alex – I wonder if anyone is going to pick up that Stone.

  8. Mike Huber says:

    Alex, I live in Ironton and have been searching for Blizzard gamers for a while. Would you be interested in selling the Mike Perna jersey. I’m looking for any blizzard game jerseys or used equipment (gloves,helmets,pants etc.) anything. Just let me know.

  9. Mike Huber says:


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