Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Ivan Tkachenko Game Worn Jesrey

I’ve got this guy, on ebay. He gets me the good stuff. He doesn’t know me. I’m just some guy with a paypal account, but I know him. I know his stuff, and his stuff is good. Just looking at his stuff, I’m getting that itch, the itch that says there will be a new Russian jersey added to my collection.

When people ask me about my Russian jerseys, they want to know what my connection with the Russian game is. And there really isn’t one. I have a respect for their hockey history, their game, their players. And I love their jerseys. The ads, the design, the logos. And the feel. A Russian hockey jersey feels different from a North American jersey.

This jersey has been around the block, and it shows. From Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, here is Ivan Tkachenko’s game worn jersey:


There is an art to these jerseys. The logos remind me of the promise of the future, the flying cars and jet packs we think we were promised. That team crest alone is worth the jersey on it’s own.


And check out the rip on the ‘B’ on the lower right of the logo. This jersey has been through some battles. (click any photo to make it bigger)

Jersey2010_1_072.jpg Jersey2010_1_069.jpg

Jersey2010_1_070.jpg Jersey2010_1_061.jpg

The back of the jersey.


A few more design elements and ads on the jersey.

Jersey2010_1_063.jpg   Jersey2010_1_060.jpg

This is one of the few Russian jerseys I own that isn’t made by Lutch. It has a different, thicker feel to it, maybe a little more durable feeling.

Big time thanks to Dmitry Chesnokov for his help with Mr. Tkachenko. Find him on Puck Daddy here, or on Twitter. Or you can hear him on an old episode of The Rink here.


  1. Brushback says:

    Ha, I have a similar Ivan Tkachenko jersey. “Ivan Tkachenko” used to be my username on the old Hockeybird message boards.

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