Stewart Fights, Doesn’t Break Himself

Last night, Chris Stewart got in a fight with Derek Dorsett, and as you can see from, he overwhelmingly was declared the victor.  Heck, as you can see from the video, he was the victor:


And he did it all without breaking himself, much less his hand.  While Avs fans wanted to wrap him in bubble wrap (and I was guilty of thinking that way a little bit), Stewart handled himself fine.

I think that fear came more from the overall makeup of the team, their overall disappointing play, and the shear number of injuries on the Avalanche.  Is it reasonable to ask a player to change their nature because of the possibility of injuring themselves? Not in a case like this.  Maybe when it comes to injuring other players, but to ask Stewart not to fight so as not to hurt himself after it happened only once? Seems kind of silly, doesn’t it?


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