SCFblog Links for 6-5-2011

I’m trying to write today’s Challenge links from my iPad, so we are going to see if this works or not. But hey, that’s what this is all about, experimentation, eh?

Greg wasn’t available for last night’s game, because he was a little busy at a soccer game. You could do worse for your post hockey entertainment. He doubled up his posting today, and points out some sports writing you may not be familiar with, but should take the time to check out. shows some love for Lapierre, and doubles up with some Don Cherry video.

Alix talks about the hard work the Canucks showed last night in their overtime win, particularly from two players you may have heard mentioned a few times last night.

Scott Pantall joins the challenge. Hey, better late than never, and he makes up for his tardiness by doubling up, one post about getting back on the ice after a nasty injury sidelined him, and a (hopefully) tongue-in-cheek idea about checking in the NHL.

If I missed anything, hit me up in the comments, so I can add it to the links. Great job, people!


  1. Hey all your links have an extra ‘http://’ on them.

  2. Scott – Thanks. Fixed!

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