SCFblog Links for 6-6-2011

Here are some of the SCFblog links for June 6th, 2011.  I have a few things to do before the game tonight, so this is just a current snapshot of the day.


Scott Pantall says there is nothing like a game to get you back in game shape.

The brings up Keith Ballard. I know, I had to look up who that was too. :)

J Scott Moore talks about writing.  Timely, eh?

Vic thinks the Bruins are done.

Alix had some off-day thoughts that didn’t make it into the links.  Check them out here.

And welcome Ryan Classic to the challenge.  It’s never too late to start.  Here are 10 observations he’s had about the Finals.


If I missed anything, put it in the comments, will you?

And speaking of comments, the people who are doing the challenge need your support.  Go leave a comment on their blogs.  It takes only a moment to do, and they really appreciate it.  Comments make the blogging world a better place.


  1. Ok, finally got going. My first jersey post in a long while.

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