Game 5: Not a Good Night For A….

I got to see a total of seven minutes of play tonight.  SEVEN!  Something is wrong with that.  Something is very wrong with that.  It’s times like this I question some of the choices I have made in my life.  How am I missing this much of the Finals?  That changes for the next two games.  I will see all of games six and seven, with seven being at home in Denver.  Yes, I said game seven.  I believe it will happen.

You pick up funny things about the game from twitter.  A few examples of what I saw on my timeline tonight:

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Great. It’s starting to look like a soccer match out there. I know, that’s not much of an original observation, but this is accurate.

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Is there a greater enigma than Kaberle?

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No way.  Sure, it’s easy to say now that Luongo has earned the shutout, but I wouldn’t start Schneider before this result.  I wouldn’t start him at in the next two games, unless Luongo is missing a leg.  Besides the awful showing last time Schneider started in these playoffs, Luongo was bound to bounce back.  He has two bad games, and he bounces back.  That’s what he does.  He’s done it over and over.  Sure, he looked bad in game three, and not much better in game four, but he is still a good goalie.  I think he’s underrated, and that’s how people see him.  They see his meltdowns, but they forget how he comes back strong.


Tanner on Twitter

How the hell did Vancouver outhit Boston?

The dude on TSN just said that he likes Alain Vigneault because he refuses to sling mud.  So, who’s the new guy at TSN? (he isn’t a new guy, but hey, it’s Canada’s team)  Coach AV sure is good at taking the high road, eh?

Coach Claude Julien said that this Bruin team hasn’t done anything the easy way.  Wasn’t it Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks who said the exact same thing?  There’s a red flag.

Game 6 is Monday.  What are we going to do with ourselves for two days?  Oh, yeah, listen to fans of the Canucks and Bruins claim to be victims of tyranny from the other team’s fanbase.  It’s actually becoming the thing this Cup Finals are becoming most known for.  And I haven’t seen a single example of fans being over the top.  I haven’t seen anything that has been unusual for hockey fans in tense situations.  Sure, there are douchebags everywhere.  But this looks like a the fans are confusing themselves with the people on the ice.  I’ve seen more fans taking the criticism of the media and fans directed towards the players on their own shoulders.  The players need to grow up (diving, acting, etc.), and so do some of the fans.  It’s a sad statement on the fandom.  Please, give it a rest.

The title reflects something Claude Julien said in his press conference.  Whatever it was about, he was right.


Alright, it’s a busy weekend for me, and we are going to see how this grand experiment goes.  I suspect a few shorter posts in the next few days. But I’m 1/3 of the way through the challenge, and I feel good.

Update: This post shows the date of June 10th.  I published it on the 11th, but it had an old revision date.  I actually didn’t skip a day.  Just saying.